“Death by Landscape” by Margaret Atwood

“Death by Landscape” by Margaret Atwood
1. What is the theme of “Death by Landscape”?
2. What is Lois’ coping mechanism for dealing with Lucy’s death?
3. What do you think happened to Lucy?
4. What are the two meanings in the title, “Death by Landscape”
5. Before we know what happened to Lois’ during her childhood we
have a few clues about her fear of nature. List at least three.
6. What does the following quote mean to the story:
“Who knows how many trees there were on the cliff just
before Lucy disappeared? Who counted? Maybe there was
one more, afterwards.”
7. What clues do we have about Lois that hints at depression?
8. On a separate sheet of paper…Research the Group of Seven
artists. Look at the scenery and choose one painting in particular.
Re-write the story from Lucy’s point of view. In your story, tell us
what happens to Lucy in the end.