M-Step Math Prep
Grades 6-8
February 25, 2015
KRISTI HINEMAN, [email protected]
TRISH DUNN, [email protected]
MARIANNE SROCK, [email protected]
MDE latest and greatest
Preview M-Step Questions
Examine TRIG materials
Review grade level Performance Tasks
Interact with ALD document
Discuss Critical Areas
Collaborate with others
The MDE provides a weekly summary of
communication from the Bureau of
Assessment and Accountability.
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M-Step Mathematics Component
Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
 Classroom Activity
 Performance Task (PT)
Computer Adaptive Test
The M-STEP Spring 2015 Preview must be used in Google
Chrome. The first 9 questions preview math sample
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Spotlight 2/12/2015: “This new resource differs from the Spring
2015 Preview by providing more sample test items specific to
grade and content.”
Online Assessment Awareness
A new resource meant to help raise educator and student
awareness of M-STEP has been created through TRIG funding
and the Greater Michigan Educational Consortium
(GMEC). This resource is a self-paced ‘course’ for students and
educators. Created by a group of educators, the vision for this
project is that students will demonstrate the ability to
successfully navigate technology enhanced online assessments
and teachers/administrators will value the importance of
professional development in how to incorporate
online learning/assessments in their instruction so
that students are prepared to take high stake online
Classroom Activity
• 30 minute scripted lesson presented to
the students.
• The lesson is delivered by a classroom
• It may occur the same day as the
Performance Task (PT) or up to 3 days
• The purpose of the activity is to expose
students to the context and vocabulary
of the PT.
Performance Task
• A multi-item task administered online.
• Students are presented with several
stimuli, and will respond to Technology
Enhanced (TE) items, short Constructed
Response (CR), and extended CR items.
• Administering the PT without the
Classroom is considered a classroom
Make it Work for YOU!
Let’s take a look at an “edited”
version of the sample Classroom
Activity and a Performance Task
for each grade level.
Samples of Classroom Activities
and Performance Tasks
One sample online Mathematics CA and PT for each grade level has been posted
online, complete with scoring guides embedded in the PTs. The posted sample
does not represent actual test items.
• Grades 3–8:,4615,7-140-22709_70117_70118---,00.html
• Grade 11:,4615,7-140-22709_70117_70122---,00.html
SBAC Portal
The Smarter Balanced site is another excellent resource that will help teachers
and students prepare for the M-Step Assessment.
SBAC Portal
The Smarter Balanced site is another excellent resource that will help teachers
and students prepare for the M-Step Assessment.
Helpful Resources
Interactive Math Resources
Content Specifications for the Summative assessment of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Claim 1
Students can explain and apply
mathematical concepts and
interpret and carry out mathematical
procedures with
precision and fluency.
*Cluster headings as assessment targets:
In the CCSSM the cluster headings usually serve
to communicate the larger intent of a group of
Grade Level
Number of
*Assessment Targets
What is a Target?
A “Target” is a cluster statement.
As you look at the Michigan K-12 Standards for Example - Grade 3
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Mathematics for your grade level or subject,
• Target A Represent and solve
they are the bolded statements that appear as a problems involving multiplication
and division.
3.OA.1, 3.OA.2
3.OA.3, 3.OA.4
• Target B Understand properties of
multiplication and the relationship
between multiplication and division
3.OA.5, 3.OA.6
What is an ALD?
ALDs – Achievement Level Descriptors
• Policy ALDs – are general descriptors that
articulate the goals and rigor for the final
performance standards supporting the overall claim.
• Content ALDs – in general, at what level (rigor) is
the student understanding or interpreting the
content based on the Claim.
What is an ALD?
ALDs – Achievement Level Descriptors
• Range ALDs – are grade-and-content specific ALDs that may be
used by test developers to write items that align to the
cognitive and content rigor that has been defined within a
particular achievement level.
• Threshold ALDs – defines the minimum performance required
for meeting a particular achievement level expectations.
Claim 2
Students can solve a range of complex wellposed problems in pure and applied
mathematics, making productive use of
knowledge and problem solving strategies.
*Tied to Content
Claim 2 sample item
Claim 3
Students can clearly and precisely
construct viable arguments to support
their own reasoning and to critique the
reasoning of others.
*Tied to Content
Claim 3 sample item
Claim 4
Students can analyze complex, realworld scenarios and can construct and
use mathematical models to interpret
and solve problems.
*Tied to Content
Claim 4 sample item
Spring 2015 Transition Readiness Timeline
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