EAA Chapter 642 Aviation Scholarship

EAA Chapter 642
Aviation Scholarship
A minimum of two $1000 scholarships are being offered.
The scholarship applicant must:
1. Be enrolled in the Minnesota State University, Mankato Aviation Program;
2. Hold the minimum of a FAA private pilot license;
3. Have a minimum overall 3.0 GPA;
4. Have demonstrated a strong desire to pursue an aviation career;
5. Have submitted a letter of recommendation from an aviation faculty member.
Name ____________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________ City ____________________ State_________
Phone _________________ E-mail ___________________________________________________
Completed Semesters at Minnesota State Mankato ______Total college credits earned ________
Major ______________________ Minor ____________________________ GPA _____________
Expected Graduation Date: _____________________
FAA Certificates/ratings held (circle):
Private Instrument
Extracurricular Activity Information:
1. Aviation organizations and your role in them:
2. Other organizations and your role in them:
Commercial Multi-Engine
Financial Need Information
1. Please include/attach any financial aid information (financial aid award letters, on-campus
student work assignments, etc.)
2. Are you currently employed while in school? ___Yes ___No
If you are currently employed, please list employer, job title, and a brief description.
3. What percentage of the cost of your college education do you personally provide? ______%
How do you provide it? (Explain)
4. General financial need statement (in your own words using space below).
5. Please write an essay which relates your career goals and your personal philosophy regarding
excellence in aviation.
Certification Statement
I attest that the above information is true and accurate.
Application Deadline is March 30, 2013.
Mail completed application to: Ken Davey
21786 Flint Road
Lake Crystal, MN 56055