Leadership Forum Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation

Leadership Forum
Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation
January 13, 2004
Frank Partlow
Chief of Staff
Government Printing Office
Cynthia Williams
Program Analyst
Food Safety & Inspection Service
Department of Agriculture
Chris Mihm
Director, Strategic Issues
General Accounting Office
Michael M. Reyna
Chairman & CEO
Farm Credit Administration
Betsy Fox
Director, Personnel Management
Defense Technical Information Center
Paul Ryan
Defense Technical Information Center
Bernie Lubran
Project Manager
Federal Consulting Group
Kathleen Filipczyk
Federal Human Resources Week
Fred Gibson
Counsel to the Inspector General
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
LaMonica Shelton
Program Officer
Corporation for National & Community Service
Lynne Hays
Thomasina Mathews
Director, Corporate Human Resources Initiatives
Department of Energy
Nancy Kingsbury
Managing Director
General Accounting Office
Connie Hansbrough
National Program Manager
Federal Aviation Administration
Valerie Murray
Program Manager
Air Traffic Operations
Federal Aviation Administration
William Kelly
Director, Strategic Plans & Future Systems
Air Force DPX
US Air Force
Samantha Brenner
Partnership for Public Service
Joshua Fay-Hurvitz
Program Associate
Partnership for Public Service
Richard Cullins
Program Manager
Air Traffic Training
Federal Aviation Administration
Robert Gordon
Training & Organizational Development Officer
Employee Standards Administration
Department of Labor
Kimberlee Laws
Director, Human Resources
Department of Labor
Carole Schloss
Branch Chief
Employee Development
Securities & Exchange Commission
Steve Nelson
Director, Policy & Evaluation
Merit Systems Protection Board
Ron James
Chief Human Capital Officer
Department of Homeland Security
Rita Zeidner
Freelance Reporter
Federal Times
Robert Cahill
Cahill + Associates
Andrea Fisher
Graduate Student
Department of Public Administration
American University
Deborah Koehle
Deputy Director
Cynthia Joseph
Assistant to the Director
Robert Tobias