SMART Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting
Peggy Klecha, MPH, FACHE, FASHRM
Certified Wellness Coach
August 12, 2014
The Biggest Winner Session
After tonight’s session,
you will be able to:
• Define SMART goals
• Identify weaknesses in your previous
• Recognize the difference between a
SMART goal and a non-SMART goal
• Accomplish your goals quicker!
A SMART goal is a goal
in which you are fully in
charge of accomplishing
through specific steps.
This is a SMART goal:
I will walk one mile at the ESU college
track on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday after work at 5:00 pm.
(As opposed to: I will walk to lose weight.)
SMART stands for:
S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Action-Oriented
R = Realistic
T = Time Based
Goal: I will walk 2 miles at the ESU
track on Mon, Wed, and Fri after work
at 5:00 pm.
Specific ---I will do what, when, where, how.
Measurable --- 2 miles on Mon, Wed & Fri.
Action-Oriented ---Walking.
Realistic --- You may only be ready to walk 2
miles and not 5 miles each time.
• Time Based (when) --- Mon, Wed and Fri after
work at 5 pm.
 Specific---State exactly what you want to accomplish
(What, Where, How, When,)
 Measurable---How will you demonstrate and evaluate the
extent to which the goal has been met?
 Action-Oriented---What is the action-oriented verb?
(Walk, shop, eat, drink, write, run, lift, etc.)
 Realistic---Within your capabilities; within your time
allotment; within your skill level
 Time based---- How long? When?
Through goal setting, we turn visions & intentions into actions
and reality!!
•I will do more cardiovascular exercise at
the gym.
•I will walk on the treadmill for 20
minutes at the gym on Tues and Thurs
before going to work.
• I will go food shopping to prepare
healthier snacks.
• I will make a grocery list and shop on
Saturday morning for two healthy
snacks per work day.
• (Comments: My healthy snacks will be
fruit, yogurt or almonds.)
These may be “GOOD goals” but
they are not really “SMART” goals:
• I am going to lose two pounds per week.
(THIS IS AN OUTCOME. It does not tell you
how you are going to lose pounds. Just like
New Year’s Resolutions.)
• I am going to increase my water intake this
week. (Increase it to what? From what
amount prior? How often? When?)
• I am going to eat fewer desserts.(What is the
behavior you’ll be doing? How many desserts
will you eat and when?)
Which are SMART?
• I will cut back on white bread.
• For 4 days this week, I will write down and track
each dessert or sweet I eat.
• I will eat fast food less often.
• I will bring lunch to work 5 days per week.
• I want to drink more water.
• I will drink 8 glasses of water, 5 days/week.
• I will be more aware of how much sugar I eat.
• On Sunday afternoon after church and
Wednesday night, after dinner, I will write down
and track each dessert or sweet I ate.
SMART goals lead to success because
you can accomplish them and that will
make you feel better about yourself and
make you keep coming back for more!
You are more likely to continue on and not
lose interest. You build “self-efficacy” after
accomplishing SMART goals. A belief in
yourself that you can do it.
Your Vision is also a
key to weight loss
“I am strong, lean and 20 pounds lighter, shopping for
cute, attractive new clothes for my attractive body. I am
happy, with lots of energy to do whatever I feel like
doing. My health is better and I am open, more patient,
and social. My motivators are feeling and looking great
with bountiful energy. I also want to be around a long
time. When I face challenges, such as getting too
busy, and stressed out, I pause, collect myself, and
take doable steps to get back on track. Healthy eating,
exercise, and handling stress well are important to me
and within my grasp. Through ongoing, intentional,
realistic planning, I achieve my goals and realize my
wellness vision.”
Other Vision Statements:
• My wellness vision is that I have healthy
eating habits and set a good example for
my children.
• My health vision in the next year is to
improve my health, in particular I will have
lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart
• My fitness vision is that I am 10 pounds
lighter, and that I feel youthful, attractive
and will look good in a bathing suit.
Make Sure Your Environment
Helps You By Using Prompts!
• Reminders (ex: face clothes)
• Reinforcements (ex: sugar packets)
• Motivators (ex: smartphone apps with
mileage voice messaging and heart rate)
• Efficiency (ex: treadmill in front of TV)
SMART stands for:
Action Oriented
Time Based
Onward and Upward!