How to Give a Good Presentation.


How to Give a Good Presentation?

Yi Ma

Visual Computing, MSRA

(with inputs from Lidong, Moshe, and Shipeng)

• Why do we want to give presentations?

• What is a presentation all about?

• How to improve presentation?

Why do we want to give presentations?


Obligation for publication

Real reasons:

Opportunity to advertise your work

Obligation for job report

Obligation for work review

Obligation for communication

Opportunity to demonstrate yourself

Opportunity to improve self-understanding

Opportunity to influence others

Every presentation creates an opportunity for self-advancement!

What a presentation is about?


What the problem is.

The truth is:

Why is the problem worth researching?


What the approach is. Why is your approach the best possible?


What the solution is. Why is the solution generalizable or limited?

Public want to know what; intellectuals need to know why.


How to improve your presentation content :

Symptoms: Prescriptions:

The same talk for all audiences

Assume audience know

Diminish work by others

A different talk for each audience

Put yourself in the shoes of the audience

Stand on the shoulder of giants

Describe all details flatly Select one or two essential messages



有致,重点突出! )

Your talk is as good as the most valuable message got crossed.

How to improve your presentation form :

Symptoms: Prescriptions:

Two many words on each slide One punch line per slide

Slides are summary of the paper Enhance with additional visual aids

Read slides as notes Slides entirely for the audience

Speak from memorized notes Tell your story from the slides

Practice with scripts, perform without!

(练时有招,用时无招 !)

How to improve presentation skills ?

Symptoms: Prescriptions:

Not well prepared

Blaming English

Never too much time and practice

Design in your native language

Lack interest in the content

Nervous gestures or voices Pay attention to yourself

Bad answers and arguments

Better preparation (or better research)

You have the podium!

How to start to improve?

• Know how good or bad your presentations are.

(take and watch videos of your own presentation!)

• Ask your colleagues to criticize.

(train and improve through practice talks.)

• Learn from both bad and good presentations.

(go to every talk you can attend!)

• Learning from doing.

(get every chance to design( 自编 ), direct( 自导 ), and perform( 自演 )!)

Dexterity comes from practice.

( 勤能补拙,熟能生巧!)

Exert your influence through great presentations!