LPN-RN Mobility Exam - Howard Community College

LPN-RN Mobility Exam
Howard Community College Test Center
We are here to help!
We are so pleased you are here to take the LPNRN Mobility Exam!
 A proctor will be available at the front desk if you need any
help during your exam.
 Please come to the front desk if you need any assistance.
General information
 Please make sure that you have placed all items in the locker.
 You will not be allowed access to your personal belongings at
any point once you begin your test.
 If you need to use the restroom, please come to the front
desk. For reasons of test security, only one person at a time
may leave the room. Please note your time will
continue to run during your break.
 If you have any questions, please contact a proctor- your test
will be terminated if you are talking to anyone other than a
proctor during the test.
Let’s Get started
 The Mobility exam is designed to
assess clinical knowledge and
critical thinking skills. The
questions are based on what current
RN students are studying in their
nursing programs. Some of the
topics covered include the
Basic nursing fundamentals
Medical and surgical procedures
Operative knowledge
Pharmaceutical knowledge
Dosage calculations
Physical assessment
 You will have 3 hours to complete
your exam.
 There are approximately 100
questions on the exam that are
either multiple choice or fill in the
 A HESI score of 750 or Conversion
score of 70% is considered a
passing score.
Supplies at your seat
1. Scrap paper
2. Pencils
3. Simple Calculator
If you need more supplies at any time, contact one of the
Helpful hints
1. You cannot skip any of the questions.
2. Once you submit an answer you cannot go back to review
the question or change the answer.
3. To answer multiple choice questions
 Click the mouse inside the circle OR
 Select the appropriate letter on the keyboard OR
 Use the up or down arrows to select your answer
4. Submit and Pause button
 Answer your questions first, then hit the submit and pause
button to return to the home screen.
 Use this button for restroom breaks.
How to get to your exam.
This is the first page that will appear when you go to take your
 Click on Take My Exam.
Sign in screen
 This is where you will enter your username and password.
Now enter the access code
 Your access code can be found
on the bottom of the white
 Enter the code exactly as it is
 Please note- all “0”s are zeros.
Lockdown browser
 Once you hit start exam, a
secure lockdown browser will
be installed on the computer.
 Hit “Run” to proceed to the
Click on the continue button at
the bottom of your screen to
Disclosure and Optional Information
 Read over the disclosure
agreement and click the I
agree box.
 Enter the optional
information if you would like.
 Hit continue.
Home screen
 You should now be looking at
the test.
 After hitting a submit and
pause button, it will always
bring you back to this screen.
 Remember that you must
pace yourself. There will be a
clock with your remaining
time on your screen for
Do you feel comfortable with how to
access your exam?
Take a Deep Breath
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