Paper presentation by Jayashri Kulkarni

Presented by
Mrs. Jayashri P. Kulkarni
In early days education was completely textual, class-bound and
teacher-oriented. But now a days the teaching learning process has
gone through a drastic change. One can share their ideas and
learn according to the needs through e-learning by using ICT tools.
Our presentation would elaborate about the huge scope of Elearning.
Redefining E-learning to inspire learning:
“The uses of technology to design, deliver, administer,
support and extend learning. As well as to help access and
manage learning that supports and enhances the
knowledge of an individual.”
 E-learning includes various tools like :
E – learning is effective in shaping ideas
 Inspiring learning by digital teacher.
 A3 ( Any time, any place, any pace ) in inspiring learning .
 Enhanced learning experience to shape ideas.
 Inspiring the learners.
Using E-Learning to shape up Learners :
The E-learning tools used to
inspire learning in our SOS
group students are as follows,
K – yan
Adobe Presenter :
It’s a presenter where the teacher can create their own ppts
and are also able to record their own sound for the
presentation. In absence of teacher we are able to manage
the class by showing the presentation of teacher in class as a
Academic confidance ,
Technological confidance
Motivation & commitment
New learning style & confidance
Qualification & confidance.
Software & interface design
Curriculum design
Subject content
Teaching & learning activities
Availability of educational
Knowledge management
Training of teachers & staff.
Support for students from faculty
Social support for students.
Technology, Access rates,
Institutional economy & funding.
Role of teacher & student
Attitudes on e- learning & IT
E-learning felicitating slow learners:
Case I :
According to a survey done by a teacher of
Mathematics in her class of Std IV in 3 different
sections, it was found that the students, who were slow
learners and found black board teaching to be very
boring, initially could not understand the concept
taught by the teacher. But when they were exposed to
the E-learning tools, they were able to perform much
better than before. It was also seen that they were more
attentive and interactive in such digital classrooms
more than the conventional classes. This motivated the
students as well as the teacher to accept the change in
the teaching learning process.
Case Study II: The overall strength of 5th std. is 280 (7 sections ).
All students in these classes are diverse learner. We had done a
survey to know about their learning capacity. We received a
following data regarding learning capacity.
All Learners
Learners Inspired
through ELearning-50
Activity Based
Regular Teaching
Only 20 percent learners listen in class . 30 percent learners
depend on activity based learning. Remaining 50 percent learners
give response in both the ways but they try to diverse the
concentration of both the learners and in this case E- learning
plays a very important role to make teaching , learning process
effective. We observed that when teacher used a e- learning tools
like Educomp , K- yan or OHP the response noticeably increases.
So we conclude that E- learning is a best resource
to inspire learning to shape up Ideas.
•Anecdotal and Assessment Records
•Parents Feedback Forms
• Educational technology, Text book of B. Ed
Thank you