Process Flows for Transactions Requiring Budget Clearance

Basic Paper Process Flow
Letter Request for Funding
Obligation Requests (ObR)/Budget Utilization Requests
Purchase and other Request Process Flow
Records Management Assistant (RMA) of the Administrative Services
Section of the UPD-BO receives the BP from the staff of the Human
Resources Development Office (HRDO).
RMA encodes in the masterlist all incoming BPs after assigning a
control number and stamping the date received on the BP.
RMA distributes the BPs to the Budget Officer (BO) in-charge of the
Upon receipt of the BP, the assigned BO reviews and checks
if the document is properly filled up and signed and if the
proposed appointment is covered by funds.
BO accomplishes Box 15 (Budget Clearance) by filling out
the following:
Code/IOB number
PSI number
Effectivity Date
BO records the transaction in the Plantilla of Personnel and
forwards the BP to the Division Chief (DivChief) after
affixing his/her initials.
DivChief reviews and signs the BP for those transactions
covered by the delegated authority. Otherwise, DivC
forwards the BP to the Acting Director (ActDir) for
ActDir, forwards the BP to the RMA after signing.
RMA posts the clearance in the individual index
Processed BPs will be picked-up by a personnel
from HRDO.
PSI number identified by the college/unit in the BP is
not available in the Plantilla of Personnel.
Conflicting entries for the Proposed Designation
and Salary Rate in Box 6.
Failure of the college/unit to disclose significant
information in Box 7.
Records Clerk/Assistant (RCA) receives funding
requests with reference slip from the Chancellor
or from the Vice Chancellor for Administration
(VCA) . Forwards the documents to the
Administrative Assistant (AA).
AA stamps on the document the date and time it
was received.
AA encodes the document in the masterlist after
assigning a control number to the document.
Forwards the same to the ActDir.
ActDir reads the funding requests and
directs it the BO concerned for the latter’s
action. Forwards the documents to the AA.
AA distributes the documents to the
concerned BO, as directed by the ActDir.
BO reviews and evaluates the request and
recommends appropriate action by either:
1) Stamping on the letter request “Budget
Clearance” or “Recommending
Approval” chargeable against the
appropriate fund; or
2) Drafting the appropriate comments
and/or recommendations.
BO forwards the document to the DivChief.
DivChief evaluates the action of the BO,
affixes signature on the document if the
recommendation is in order. Otherwise,
DivChief instructs the BO to amend the
action/reply based on their discussion.
ActDir reviews and signs if the
recommendation is in order. Forwards the
document to the AA for recording as outgoing in the masterlist.
Messenger delivers the documents to the
concerned colleges/units.
1) Funding requests for activities already
undertaken without prior budget clearance.
2) Funding requests that cannot be given
appropriate action due to lack of details or
needed information.