To help you understand two things:
the role of reviews during the life of a computer
based information system
how reviews may be planned for and carried out
During the life of a system*
to ensure the system is running as
The reviews should be
This will ensure that the reviews will provide useful
information so that important decisions can be
*life of a system = while the system is being used.
Reviews will allow users to
They also allow decision makers to
and needs updating.
They can also be scheduled to
affect the way the system is operated.
Changes in laws and other influences, such as VAT,
can affect the way a computer system might be
Reviews can be planned to check on how the
current system will be affected by such external
Changes in software or hardware may require a
review to take place.
As software and hardware developments are
frequent, so might be the speed in which current
system developments take place.
However, new software might not work with current
hardware, and new hardware might not be fully
compatible with current software.
The most important review comes from those
people who use the system on a day-to-day basis.
It is these people who are most likely to suggest
important updates and make relevant suggestions
in how to improve the efficiency of a system.
They can also feed back on how the latest
updates have been working!
Complete the following table
Internal Changes
External Changes
New version of hardware.
Change in data protection act.
Explain the role of reviews during the life of a
computer-based information system.
[4 marks]
Describe how a review can be planned effectively.
[2 marks]
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