What is Secularism

Mohammed Mahin Islam
Hasan Mahmood Abu Taleb
Meesum Raza Kazmi
Instructor: Dr. Hajredin Hoxha
• What is Secularism ?
• Countries with High Muslim population
following secularism..
• Positive and negative points of secularism
• Islam v/s Secularism
• Creation of East and West Pakistan and Islamic
Republic of Iran
• Conclusion
• What is Secularism …?
• Examples of secularism…!! ?
What is Secularism ?
1. Secularism is a principle that involves two basic propositions:
– Strict separation of state from religious institutions
– People of different religions are believers, all are equal before law
2. Separation of religion and state is the foundation of
3. It ensures that religious groups don’t interfere in the affairs of
the state
Countries with High Muslim
population following secularism
• Turkey – with 97.8% of population being
• Bangladesh – with 89.5% of population being
• Uzbekistan – with 88% of population being
Characteristics of Secularism….
• People no matter of which religion or group all
have equal rights in front of law.
• Religious groups have no influence in decision
making in a secular state.
Negative Points of Secularism…
• Secularism itself carries seeds of instability
• Decisions in a secular state is made on basis of
laws of the government and there are chances
that not everyone in the state is happy
creating riots and issues in the state.
• Usually the leaders in a secular state are
chosen through elections and thus not every
group in the society is happy creating tension
and instability in the state.
What is Islamism/Shari’ah…?
• The main source of laws in an Islamic state is the Holy
• Allah has revealed the Holy Qur’an to guide us Muslims
through the right path. Thus following Shari’ah law is
the best form of government for us Muslims.
• Islamism is not completely followed by any country at
recent times, every country now days are secular.
• Many states believe that some of the Islamic laws
• Saudi Arabia is one of state that follows it to a greater
Islam v/s Secularism
• Islamic and Secular laws differ in many
– Islam says that only one Muslim leader should
lead the country while a secular country can have
any person as the leader
– In Islam civil laws and punishments are different
then securer laws
– Marriage laws are different in Islam and are
different in secularism
– Islamic rules helps a man to be successful in life
and after death not the secular rules
Impacts of Islamism
• Islam and Islamism has affected every corner
of the world. Some of them have been
mentioned below..
– Muslim nationalization was the main cause of the
separation and creation of west and east Pakistan
– Muslim nationalization was also the reason
behind creation of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN