Earth Day Brown bag lunch event Tuesday, April 22 12noon - 1 pm

Earth Day
Brown bag lunch event
Tuesday, April 22
12noon - 1 pm
EDB 8620
You’re invited to attend an Earth Day
celebration event at SFU’s Burnaby campus.
Grab your lunch and come to hear two
engaging, earth-friendly presentations.
Health Impacts of Climate Change
Find out what health scientist-physician Tim Takaro from the Faculty of Health Sciences is doing
on the climate-change front, and learn what you can do to reduce the impact on you and your
Climate change will have profound effects on human health in the next few decades. Many of these
effects such as deaths from excess heat, increased intensity and frequency of storms and
shifting infectious disease patterns are already being experienced by vulnerable populations
around the world. Warming can increase pollution levels and contribute to drought and forest
fires. Some solutions such as food-based alternative fuels from ethanol have their own health
Top 10 tips
Did you know… by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, you’ll save 10 litres of water.
Candace Bonfield is the sustainability coordinator for the sustainability advisory committee at
SFU and she will share some insight and helpful tips to reduce your carbon footprint and become a
more energy-efficient individual both at work and home. There are many quick and easy tips she’ll
share and you’ll be amazed at how much impact your ‘earthy’ choices will make.
We will incorporate a Q & A session if time permits.
At the event, pick up a complimentary copy of Granville:
Sustainable City Living magazine, a local publication full
of successful green initiatives, homegrown articles and
eco-friendly tips.