Models and Numerics in Financial Mathematics

Models and Numerics
in Financial Mathematics
Workshop: 26 - 29 May 2015, Leiden, the Netherlands
• Karel In ‘t Hout, U Antwerp
• Kees Oosterlee, CWI Amsterdam
Kristian Debrabant, SDU Odense
Matthias Ehrhardt, U Wuppertal
Fabien Le Floc’h, Calypso
Peter Forsyth, U Waterloo
Sven Foulon, Banco Santander
Emmanuel Gobet, TU Palaiseau
Lech Grzelak, Rabobank
Margaret Insley, U Waterloo
Andrey Itkin, New York U
Alex Lipton, Bank of America
Luis Ortiz-Gracia, CRM Barcelona
Andrea Pascucci, U Bologna
Christoph Reisinger, U Oxford
Mike Staunton, London Business School
Jari Toivanen, Stanford U
Carlos Vazquez-Cendon, U of A Coruña
Uwe Wystup, MathFinance
... plus many prominent researchers
from Belgium and the Netherlands
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center in the sciences. Its aim is to
organize workshops for scientists in an
atmosphere that fosters collaborative
work, discussions and interactions.
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