Special Education Administrator`s Academy

Special Education
Administrator’s Academy
Curriculum and Assessment Topics
State testing with and without
allowable accommodations
Alternate assessment
New CCSS assessments
Working hand in hand with the ADE
Student Assessment Unit
9th Grade Resource Math
(Commissioner’s Memo COM-10-179)
Criteria for enrollment:
 Identified math deficit prior to 9th grade
 Enrolled in a special ed. math course
 Cannot have a speech-only or
reading/literacy only disability.
 Ultimately: IEP team decision
Alternate Competencies for the Algebra I EOC
(Comm. Memo LS-12-044)
SB-IEP Update
Lessons Learned…
Present Level and Goal Development
 Remember this student:
 And this standard:
RI.6.2: Determine a
central idea of a text and
how it is conveyed through
particular details; provide
a summary of the text
distinct from personal
opinions or judgments.
Work at with your table group to:
 Develop a Present
Level Statement
for Karen related
to standard RI.6.2
 Include the Impact
Present Level Statements:
Data Sources
Impact of the disability
One example:
Next Step:
 Develop a SMART Goal
for Karen based on your
table’s Present Level
 Objectives/benchmarks
are optional but
SMART Goals:
One example:
Another example:
This activity was a combination of two
activities from the Standards-Based
IEP Training:
Implementation - Present Level
(Module 2)
Practice – Goal Writing (Module 3)