The Empire State Building 制作人:王蓉静 1B111503 郭 迪

The Empire State Building
郭 迪
Empire state building
Architectural features
Construction background
Main activities
The Empire State Building is Iocated at
the New York city, a famous
skyscrapers ,it and statue of Liberty
together known as symbols of liberty,
is one of the seven wonders of the
world engineering miracle. The Empire
State Building was 102 layer , and
designed by Harmon-William lahm.
Started in 1930, and completed in
1931, only costs 410 days, its name
comes from New York State.
• The Empire State Building is a height
of 433.5 meter's building. According
to estimate, the construction of the
Empire State Building is about
330,000 tons of material. The
Building has a total of 6,500 windows,
73 elevators. Its total construction
area reaches to 204.385 square meters.
In the 1930s, the American
economy was in great
depression, people’s life
became poor, but Wall Street’s
bosses were keen to build
skyscrapers contest. In order
to show his rich ,
Millionaires lars secco built
the world’s highest building
---The Empire State Building
whose height is for 1250 feet.
The Empire State Building lies in 350 the
Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, sandwiched
between 34 Avenue and 33 Avenue,
architectural historian Willia said that
Empire State Building isnot only a
symbol of American business culture ;
but also of New York ,or even across the
United States forever market.