Northamptonshire Analysis Showcase Slides

Children’s Centres Countywide Event –
Northamptonshire Analysis showcase
Andrew Maddison and Felicity Roberts
Business Intelligence and Performance Improvement
22nd May 2013
Business Intelligence & Performance Improvement
What is Northamptonshire Analysis?
• Northamptonshire Analysis is a website which brings
together a wide range of information and intelligence on
the county in one easily accessible place
• It is anticipated that Northamptonshire Analysis will
become a tool for use by NCC, partners and wider
stakeholders across the County to support:
– Development of strategic assessments such as the Joint Strategic
Needs Assessment, Partnership Strategic Assessment and Economic
– Strategic planning and other needs based requirements such as
commissioned services
– Operational planning and service delivery
Business Intelligence & Performance Improvement
Key functionality
• Northamptonshire Analysis has a range of functionality
to support this, including the ability to create:
– Simple data tables which can be exported to Excel or links emailed to
– Dynamic reports, which are interactive and combine maps, tables and
– Profiles, which pull together a range of information, either by
geographical area or theme, and present in a report combining text,
tables, maps and charts
– Advanced datasets and profiles which enable more tailored views to
be created
Business Intelligence & Performance Improvement
Showcase of key functionality
• Site address:
Business Intelligence & Performance Improvement
How can we support you?
• We can support you with strategic planning and service
delivery by developing profiles and dynamic reports
which focus on:
– Children’s Centres reach areas
– Early Help Forum areas
• Following today we are keen to work with you so we can:
– Understand how you want to use profiles and reports so we can tailor
them accordingly
– Identify the key datasets and information from across the 10 themes
to pull into the profiles and reports
– Develop a suite of profiles and dynamic reports
– Provide training on the functionality of the site
Business Intelligence & Performance Improvement
Wider next steps
• Phase 1:
– Internal showcases to NCC Directors and DivMT forums
– Training to identified teams within NCC
– Work with service areas to identify products and resources which can
be created to support service planning, commissioning and delivery
– Partnership launch event – 12th June 2013 at the University of
– Training within partner organisations
• Phase 2:
– Embedding Northamptonshire Analysis as a strategic planning tool
which is used within all partner organisations
– Promoting use within the wider community, e.g.:
• Small and Medium Enterprises
• Third sector / voluntary groups
Business Intelligence & Performance Improvement
Any questions?
Business Intelligence & Performance Improvement