Health Intelligence
Open Source Strategic
Planning in the Modern
GKEN Health Intelligence International
GKEN Health Intelligence International provides health
organizations with an external perspective on their
strategic planning process.
Each of the four open source strands (taken as a whole or
individually) assess critical questions about the business
and the markets it operates in.
This insight ensures that executives have the vital
intelligence from political, regulatory, cultural, socio, media
and competitive sources to plot their future and be better
prepared for the unexpected.
Why GKEN Health Intelligence International?
Health organization executives must plan in an
increasingly complex world. The opportunities have never
been greater, and the risks have never been so great.
GKEN Health Intelligence International helps executives
plan and be prepared.
Four ‘Open Source’ Strands
Ad Boarding Thought Leader opinions
Executive Panel hearings
Scenario Gaming
World Health Executive Study Tours
Ad Boarding Thought Leader Opinions
How it Works:
1. GKEN Health International will work with you to identify
the key questions or problems that will affect your future
2. We will jointly indentify the key Thought Leaders and
experts who’s opinions you would most value
3. GKEN will interview a panel of Thought Leaders and
4. A report of our findings will be shared with you or your
executive team
Executive Panel Hearings
How it Works:
1. A panel comprised of client Executives will interview a
selection of Thought Leaders on topics of interest to you
and your business
2. Interviews are facilitated and recorded by the GKEN
Health International support team.
Scenario Gaming
How it Works:
GKEN Health International will facilitate an interactive
scenario planning exercise between your Executive
Team and a panel of experts around a particular aspect
of your business – opportunity or threat – that is crucial to
the future of your organization.
Expert panelists are typically drawn from the political,
economic, NGO, community and media community.
World Health Executive Study Tours
How it Works:
Regional or country specific tours are designed to explore market
opportunities, regional trends, and cultural factors essential to your
expansion. Tours comprise:
1. Briefings by political, socio, economic, regulatory and market
2. Interactive seminars with a wide range of business,
governmental and community leaders
3. Onsite visits to local organizations
4. Dinners or receptions to help develop networks and relationships
with local personalities
5. Cultural programs to enhance understanding and sensitivity
about the local environment.
The Benefits of Open Source Planning
How It Works:
1. Obtain the latest intelligence from political, regulatory, corporate,
media and community leaders.
2. Opportunity to test your plans, challenges and fears against a
disperse range of experts.
3. Obtain the practical assistance of experts and thought leaders in
designing new solutions.
4. Provides you with significant advantage over your competitors.
5. Enhance corporate cohesion and unity of purpose amongst your
executive team.
The Global Knowledge Exchange Network
A global network of cross disciplinary thought leaders committed to
improving world health.