Emerging Challenges for LDCs - UN

Emerging Challenges for LDCs
Presentation at the Brainstorming Meeting on the
Substantive Preparation for UNLDC IV
‘Towards a New Partnership for LDCs’
New York, 14-16 July 2010
Charles Gore
Special Coordinator for Cross-sectoral Issues
Complex Interdependence
• LDC Report 2000: The Challenge of Financing Development – Aid,
Private Capital Flows and External Debt
• LDC Report 2002: Escaping the Poverty Trap
• LDC Report 2004: Linking International Trade with Poverty
• LDC Report 2006: Developing Productive Capacities
• LDC Report 2007: Knowledge, Technological Learning and
• LDC Report 2008: Growth, Poverty and the Terms of Development
• LDC Report 2009: The State and Development Governance
• LDC Report 2010: Elements of a New International Development
Architecture for LDCs – the Role of International Support
Mechanisms (forthcoming November 2010, working title)
These Reports are a coherent set of policy analysis and research on
LDCs providing a basis for policy dialogue.
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