MDCs & LDCs pdf presentation

Why MDCs and LDCs?
• As we ask, “where have urban areas grown?” it is vital
that we understand what MDCs and LDCs are.
• We will be able to explain what is
the difference between a MDC and
an LDC
We will be able to explain the social and
physical characteristics of an urban settlement
We will be able to explain the difference
between increasing percentage of people in
cities and increasing number of people in cities
MDCs vs. LDCs
• Take 1-2 minutes, and jot down in your notes (or on
the back of your development handout) your ideas on
what we mean when we say a country’s “development”?
• What would you consider to be the economic and/or
social indicators of a more or less developed country?
Development Handout
• Development: The process of improving the
material conditions of people through
diffusion of knowledge and technology.
• IYOW (In your own words) write down
your own interpretation of what this
definition means
Why use a spectrum?
• Why is it difficult to categorize countries as
either LDC or MDC?
• Average amount of schooling:
• a couple of years
• Literacy rate:
• less than 60%
• People are ________________
• healthier
• Average life expectancy:
• 60’s
LDC Regions
• Latin America
• East Asia
• Middle East
• Southeast Asia
• South Asia
• Sub-Saharan Africa
• Average amount of schooling:
• 10 years
• Literacy rate:
• 98%
• People are __________ (health-wise)
• sicker
• Average life expectancy:
• 70’s
MDC Regions
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
South Pacific
Dependency Theory
• The theory that
industrialized nations
continue to take
resources from
developing countries
due to neocolonialism,
widening the
development gap.
Core-Periphery Model
The majority of economic growth is enjoyed by a core
region of wealthy countries despite being outnumbered
in population by those in a periphery that are ignored.
Core-Periphery Stats
• _____ of the population enjoy _____ of
the world’s annual income
• 15% 75%
• _____ of the population enjoy only _____
of the world’s annual income
• 85%
Mapping LDCs & MDCs
• Using the data on your development
worksheet, plot each country on the
• In each box, circle which factors you found
to be the most influential in where you
placed the country on the spectrum.
• Be prepared to share your answers.