EMBA Projects

EMBA Projects
EMBA Project is mandatory requirement for degree completion
Two projects
One project with 2 courses instead of second project
Proposal Writing
Approval from competent authority
Three months for completion
Proposal Writing
Step I:
Please identify at least three untapped opportunities or unresolved
business issues preferably of your own organization. These should be substantive in
terms of their effect and utility.
Step II:
Develop a brief note on each proposal, narrating and describing them
along with justification for their inclusion in the list. You can email these proposals
to us.
Step III:
An IBA committee will examine each proposal and select one that
merits detailed study as a Research project. Based on this you have to develop plan
of action and then proceed accordingly for completion.
Project Report
In the project report you are expected to cover the following elements
Description of the problem, its significance and ramifications.
The research methodology adopted (Primary & Secondary) and its results.
Analysis of the problem causes and related elements.
Set of possible solutions and their likely results.
Suggestions, recommendations, and conclusion
Project Presentation
After initial evaluation of report, presentation date will be assigned to you.
After presentation before IBA panel and report submission in hard copies,
final grade will be assigned.
Project Binding
 Thank You
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