Course Results Upload for SMART User

Mark Entry
(SMART Users)
Classroom Training
Nov 2012
By the end of the course, participants should be
able to identify & understand the process to:
 Produce the XML results file for EUCLID import
 Navigate & retrieve within the new EUCLID
Assessment software
 Validate XML results files
 Import XML results files
 Resolve validation & system errors
 Introduction
 Demo
 Workbook exercise
Course Overview
 Overview of process to create an XML
results file for EUCLID import (SMART
 EUCLID Mark Entry roles
 XML results file validation
 XML results file validation & import
• Validator
• Uploader
• Validator
• Uploader
Creating XML results file process
Validate Results File
1. File size
2. XML structure
3. XML content
1. Importer authorisation (School, UG, PG
2. Marks & grade schema
Possible Validation errors & warnings
1. Importer not valid for course(s)
2. Unable to process due to null row in file
3. Student details not found
4. Missing data in file
5. Mark scheme is not appropriate to course
6. Student(s) already have results recorded
7. Student(s) with no results for course
results being uploaded
Practical Exercise 1
• Run BOXI XML results report
• Export to Excel (Key results)
• Copy to EUCLID XML results template
• Export XML file
• Validate Results file
Upload Course Assessment Results
• Access to validation
• Access to validation & upload
• May return system errors (unrelated to
validation errors)
• Emails upload outcome (successful &
unsuccessful) to Uploader. 1 email per
• Copies email to Academic Registry
• Re-sits results are uploaded by Academic
Registry (August)
Practical Exercise 2
• Validate results file
• Upload results file
• Interpret system error & warning
Results upload email
Overview XML results file creation
Known issues – Student names including
diacritic symbols
Known issue:
Students with diacritic symbols
(e.g. accent, graves, etc.) within their name are
not being uploaded into EUCLID due to a bug.
'The name in the file (BRÊWN J) doesn't match the
name held in EUCLID (BRÊWN J) for S1234567/1'
Where this error occurs import the XML file into the
EUCLID XML Results template and then re-export
the XML file. The formatting will resolve the
validation error.
Known issues – Internet Explorer issue
Known issue:
The Mark Entry software is not currently compatible
with the Internet Explorer browser – producing an
error on upload.
Google Chrome & Firefox work without error when
using the new Mark Entry software.
 SACS Support team
 [email protected]
 Ext 514000
 Online User guide
 Training