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International Program – Solvay Brussels
School of Economics and Management
Catherine Duverger
Academic Coordinator – Economics
Matthieu Gilson
Academic Coordinator – Management
Our job
What is the role of the Academic Coordinators?
• Help exchange students to create their course program
• Answer questions regarding the courses
• Economics Courses: Catherine Duverger [email protected]
• Management Courses: Matthieu Gilson [email protected]
• Office hours
• Collect and validate the “Registration Form “(pink sheet) and the
“Learning Agreement” (only for Erasmus Students)
Deadline: by October 3rd at the latest!
• Organize visiting hours
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Visiting Hours: when
Visiting hours (18th of September – 3rd of October 2014):
• Mandatory: Thursday 18/09 and Friday 19/09 from 12 to 3 pm
• Non mandatory: Wednesday 24/09 and Friday 26/09 from 12 to 2 pm
• Non mandatory: Wednesday 01/10, Thursday 02/10 and Friday 03/10
from 12 to 2 pm
Visiting Hours: where
Room: AW.1.117 (next to Anne Georges’ office)
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What’s you job?
• Go to the mandatory visiting hours next week
– Bring the « academic survival questionnaire » with you
• To inquire about the courses you are interested in (content, schedule,
prerequisites, etc.)
• Make a course selection
• Fill your registration form (and the learning agreement if necessary)
• Give us these forms by October 3rd at the latest
• Tell us if there is any problem, before it is too late…
Programmes Open
• Management – Bachelors
– INGE1: 1st year of Bachelor: CLOSED
– INGE2 : 2nd year of Bachelor: CLOSED
– INGE3 : 3rd year of Bachelor: OPEN. Mostly in French.
• Economics – Bachelors
– ECON1: 1st year of Bachelor: CLOSED
– ECON2: 2nd year of Bachelor: CLOSED
– ECON3 : 3rd year of Bachelor: OPEN. Mostly in French.
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Programmes Open
• Management – Masters
– INGE4F1 & INGE5F1: Business Engineering: French & English
– ECON4M & ECON5M: Master in Economics, “Management Science”: Full
– MBA Courses: Only for MBA students (or « special agreement »)
• Economics – Masters
– ECON4B & ECON5B : Business Economics: French & English
– ECON4P1 & ECON5P1: Analysis, Policy and Consultancy: French &
– ECON4R1 & ECON5R: Advanced Economics : Full English
– ECON4A & ECON5A: Advanced Economics: French & English
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Programmes Open
• You have access to courses from other faculties. But:
– We have no specific information about them
– They are often in French
• If you are interested, you need to find the information by
– Go to the general course catalogue of ULB (
– Go to the class and ask the professor for the permission to enroll
(we need a proof that he accepts in his course)
– Put it on you forms (it is treated in the same way as a SBS-EM
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Basic Rules
• At least 1 course
• Maximum 30 ECTS
• 60% of ECTS in the SBS-EM programs
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Excel File
• Any courses offered within the SBS-EM programs (with limited
– Economics Seminars: One seminar per term
– Other Exceptions: See Website or Excel File
• Institute of European Studies: subject to a limited number of places
(more information to be announced)
=> Courses outside the SBS-EM faculty: no information
• Courses catalogue is subject to changes => check the website,
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• Master/Research courses: Prerequisites
• English Course Titles
• Course Language: some mistakes in the course catalogue
• Contact us
• English or French
• English and French
• Take the schedule into account (and check it regularly)
• Go to the 1st session of each course that interests you
– Some professors might not accept you afterwards
– You might have to register during the first class
– There could be important information that we are not aware of
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Economic seminar
• Special cases: these courses have a limited access!
ECON-S306 Questions Approfondie d'Economie du Travail
ECON-S312 Questions Approfondies de Socio-économie
ECON-S304 Questions Approfondies d'Economie et Gestion de la Santé
ECON-S305 Questions Approfondies d'Economie Européenne
ECON-S420 Questions Approfondies d'Economie Industrielle
ECON-S319 Topics Economic Integration
• Only 3 exchange students for each of these economic seminars.
• If you want to take one of these courses, you have to:
– 1) Complete the form given during the academic coordinators'
presentation and give it completed to your academic coordinators before
the 19th of September 2014 (first come first served).
– 2) Go to the first course and follow the instructions given by the professor.
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Course schedule
• Go to Gehol 
• Schedule/classrooms might change  always check Gehol before
attending a course (especially the first class)
• Classroom  ex.: R42.5.503  Building(R42).Floor(Fifth floor).Room
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• Courses Information:
International Program’s Website
Course Catalogue
Université Virtuelle
Professors’ Website
• Timetable
Course Catalogue
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Final remark
Stay connected !!!
or your ULB mailbox,
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Any Questions?
Latest updates
• Institutions and development taught during the whole year
• Game Theory will be taught during Term 1
• Behavioral economics will be taught during Term 2
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