Songs and Science - Mr. Jones`s Science Class

Science & Music Project
All phases will
be completed
over the course
of the school
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5
Phase 6
Phase 7
Phase 8
Final Notes
Incorporating music/songs into your studies can
be a very rewarding and enjoyable way to learn or
review different topics. For this project you
must create a song about any science topic of
your choice. Preferably this would be a science
topic that you will learn this year, but if there is
a topic that you enjoyed from a previous year,
that is also a possibility. Your songs should
incorporate a reasonable amount of
information/content with regard to your selected
topic. A “Phase” sheet to help keep you organized
will be distributed to you as you begin this
Phase 1
(Group Selection)
Determine whether you will be working with others,
or individually, for this assignment. If you decide to
work in a group, please use the “Working with Others”
sheet to guide you and take the time to carefully
select the individuals you will be working with. It is
important to know that you can work with any
student(s) on the team, not just those in your
particular class. Whether you choose to work with
others or individually, it is necessary to hand in the
“Group Member Selection Sheet” to indicate your
This information should be written on your “Phase” Sheet
Phase 2
(Topic Selection)
Before moving on to the next phase it may be helpful to
determine the topic you plan on creating a song about.
Since there are quite a few potential topics out there,
some of which you have yet to experience, a topic sheet
with brief descriptions will be provided. There will be a
limit on the number of groups who can choose a
particular topic, so it is important for you to complete
this phase in a timely manner. Once you select a topic it
will be necessary for you to put some effort into learning
about it, especially if it is a topic not yet covered in class.
It is recommended that you share this information with
me so guidance can be provided with regard to what should
be included in the lyrics.
This information should be written on your “Phase” Sheet
Phase 3
(Song Selection)
In order to create lyrics for a song it is
necessary to first consider the song or
genre of music that you would like to use.
This important step will help guide the
writing of your lyrics.
You can:
• find an instrumental track and add your own
• use your own instruments to create a track
that you can add your own lyrics to
• create your own beat (or instrumental track)
using music creation software.
Phase 4
Create school appropriate lyrics that provide an
overview of your chosen scientific topic (i.e. – atoms,
cells, genetics, space, etc.). You may experience some
challenges with this portion of the assignment, so it is
acceptable to make changes after the initial draft of
the lyrics is completed. Revisions to various aspects
of this project will likely occur throughout the entire
process. Students often come up with more desirable
lyrics as time goes by.
A copy of this should be attached to your “Phase” Sheet
Phase 5
After writing your lyrics, you must:
– come up with a creative group/band name
– come up with a creative song name
(both your group/band name and the song name must be school appropriate)
This information should be written on your “Phase” Sheet
Phase 6
Create a flyer promoting your band and song. This
phase should be completed using a computer program
such as Word, PowerPoint (PPT.), Publisher,
Photoshop, etc… All flyers will be printed and
displayed around the classroom. Upon the
completion of this phase your group/band should
begin to rehearse your song.
A copy of this should be attached to your “Phase” Sheet
Phase 7
(“Air Check” Reservations)
Once your group feels confident in the ability to
sing the song in a harmonious and N’SYNC (get
it?) manner, you should schedule an appointment
to come and record your song in my room during
lunch. Groups must bring in their musical track or
instruments to be used during recording. Since
some of you have the means to do your own
recording at home, this is also an option.
However, I must receive notification of this
through the completion of the appropriate sheet
in the reservation log.
Phase 8
This last phase will result in a recorded song. All
in-school recordings will be done on my computer
using a music editing program. Each group will
only get two chances to make a recording, thus it
is important that you are well prepared. Also,
only the groups recording will be allowed in the
“studio” at this time. For those of you doing
your own recordings, please be sure that your
finalized song is in a file format that is
compatible with the school computers.
Final Notes
All groups will have until the end of April to complete
this assignment and mini-deadlines for the various
phases will help you keep up with the assignment over
the course of the school year. Even though you have
these mini-deadlines it is important for you not to
procrastinate on any part; as the school year has a
tendency to fly by – since you are having so much fun .
This will primarily be an out-of-school assignment, so be
sure that you are working with individuals that you can
get together with. However, you are more than welcome
to use my classroom at lunch to get together if
Groups/bands may create a video as an extension of the
original assignment.