Webquest for 2nd year high school
ED14 (7:30-9am WS)
You are planning to go on a trip to Japan with your friends.
However, you have not yet been oriented as to its culture, its
tradition and to its hot spots. Before you go to the Japanese
embassy and buy ticket for your trip, you need to learn about
Japan and its culture.
Click on the link below to read on:
You may also view video about Japan. Click the link below.
Assume that you are part of “New Directions”, a high school glee
club from the musical show “Glee”. You’re going to present
something for the Mother’s Day celebration. However, the lyrics of
the song “A Song for Mama” by BoyIIMen could not be found. The
task is to create a different rendition to the song by constructing
your own lyrics with the theme “Our special mother” in mind. The
challenge is to make a ballad that would fit the original tune.
This is a group activity. Students can choose their own grouping.
You need to record the lyrics with the tune and create an audiovisual presentation to package the performance task. The video
presentation will be assessed by a particular rubric.
After reading and watching the video, you are now ready to fly to the “Land of
the Rising Sun”. but, before going away though, you need to ask permission
from your mother. With that in mind, you asked for her permission. However,
your mom got mad because she finds the idea crazy and too costly for the time
being. Eventually, it ended up as a quarrel - - you fighting for your side of the
story and your mom looking after your safety.
No matter how you feel, you should remember that “Mother knows best”. With
1. Click the link below to read the selection “The Story of the Aged Mother: A
Japanese Folktale”.
1. After taking up the literary piece “The Story of the Aged Mother”, you are
now ready to accomplish your task.
After learning about the selection “The Story of the Aged Mother”,
answer the following essential questions for enduring
1. Do you believe that all mothers love their children?
2. How does your mother show her love for you? Give particular
3. Are you willing to sacrifice your life in order to save your
4. In what way are Asian cultures different from Western cultures
as to how they treat their elders?
Aside from the learning all the facts and concepts from the selection, values
gained are significant in learning. After answering the essential questions and
to cap off the lesson, here are principles and concepts that you should have
realized within the webquest.
 Learn to recognize and respect other’s opinion.
 Our elders play an important role in the growth of a society. They should not
be treated rashly.
 We can learn so much from the elders.
 We must value our elders and give them due respect.
 The mother plays an important role in the family.
 We owe our live to our mothers, for they are the ones who brought us into
this world.
 The family the very foundation of a person.
 Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.
 Rules that destroy the life of others are not rules. They are limitations that
benefit only a few.
 Never waste an opportunity to be with the people you love.
 It is never embarrassing to show how much you love your mother.