Narrowing the Gap - Highbury College

Highbury College
Outstanding Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL
Author: Katie Danvers and Karen Northover
Prepared for: Outstanding Showcase
4th November 2011
Curriculum Design - ESOL
• Full time ESOL programmes
• Part Time ESOL programmes
• External provision
• Pre-Entry to Level 1
• Numeracy, ICT and ESOL at
every level
• Online Learning
• Employability
• ESOL as a Stepping Stone
‘Highly effective planning integrates the development of literacy,
numeracy and language skills into vocational, citizenship and
employability themes.’
Curriculum Design –
• Part Time Discrete Adult Numeracy and Adult Literacy
• Discrete Functional Skills classes (delivered across all
vocational departments )
• Full Time Moving On programme
• Part Time Back on Track programme
• Part Time Parenting Futures programme
‘Students develop these skills through a wide range of community
projects, events and trips.’
Progression Pathways – ESOL as a
Stepping Stone
• Progress through the levels of ESOL
• Progress onto non ESOL provision
• Progress into Employment
‘Students successfully progress onto vocational programmes, access to
higher education courses or gain employment.’
Progression Pathways –
‘The standard of students’ work is high and many make outstanding progress
towards attaining their individual learning goals. Students with low levels of
literacy, numeracy and language skills consistently exceed academic and
personal learning outcomes.’
• Moving On
• Back on Track
‘Collaborative working provides exceptional support for vulnerable
students, enabling them to continue with their learning.’
High Success Rates
Thorough IAG, initial and diagnostic assessments
Excellent staff profile
Outstanding facilities and resources
Quality processes
Academic and pastoral student support
Close monitoring of data
‘The self-assessment process is systematic, rigorous and accurate. All staff
contribute to the process and are clear about the contribution they are making to
promote improvement. There is a strong team approach with excellent
communication strategies and shared values.’
Inspection Reflection!
• Preparation
• Supporting the staff
• Don’t make assumptions…
• Triangulate evidence
• Inspectors
‘Exceptional leadership and
management provide a clear and welldefined strategy and direction.
Managers communicate excellently
with staff and students to promote high
levels of motivation and commitment.’
Full Time Curriculum Offer Entry 3 and
Level 1
Level 1
Entry 3
Diploma in Progression at Level 1 OCN
City & Guilds Adult Numeracy at Level 1 and 2
Online Learning – MyCourse
Writing Class
• City & Guilds Skills for Life at Entry 3
• City & Guilds Adult Numeracy at Entry 3 and Level 1
• Online Learning - MyCourse
Full Time Curriculum offer – Entry Level 1
and 2