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Using Student Achievement Data to Support
Instructional Decision Making
Presented by:
Marlene J. Darwin, Ph.D.
American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Doing What Works - Goal
Translate research-based practices into
examples and practical tools
that support and improve
classroom instruction
Overview of Doing What Works
• Free resource from
the U.S.
Department of
• Developed by
WestEd, AIR, &
• Starts with IES
research reviews
Builds a bridge from research to action
Doing What Works - Topics
• Data-Driven Improvement
– Turning Around Chronically Low-Performing Schools
– Response to Intervention in Primary Grade Reading
– Response to Intervention in Elementary-Middle Math
– Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional
Decision Making
• Quality Teaching
– How to Organize Your Teaching
• Literacy
– Preschool Language and Literacy
– Improving K-3 Reading Comprehension
– Literacy in English for K-5 English learners
– Adolescent Literacy
Doing What Works - Topics
• Math and Science
– Encouraging Girls in Math and Science
– National Math Panel Report: Critical Foundations for
– National Math Panel Report: Major Topics of School Algebra
– Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for K-8
– Improving Mathematical Problem Solving in Grades 4-8
• Comprehensive Support
– Dropout Prevention
– Reducing Behavior Problems in the Elementary School
– Increased Learning Time: Beyond the Regular School Day
– Helping Students Navigate the Path to College
Resources For Each Practice:
• Key concepts
• Research Base
• Expert interviews
• Featured Schools
• Media products: Audio and Video
interviews, Classroom footage,
• Sample Materials
• Ideas for action
• Tools and templates
Using Data to Inform Classroom Level and
Instructional Decisions
• Recommendation 1:
– Make data part of an ongoing cycle of
instructional improvement
• Recommendation 2:
– Teach students to examine their own
data and set learning goals.
Cycle of Instructional
Improvement –
What do you see in these
Dr. Elizabeth City
Teacher Collaboration Time
What do you notice that makes this
session productive?
Teacher Collaboration Time
Student Use of Data
Can you identify one strategy you
have used to support students in
using their own data?
Go Back and Reflect
Organizational and Technological Conditions
that Support Data Use
• Recommendation 3:
– Establish a clear vision for schoolwide data use
• Recommendation 4:
– Provide supports that foster a data-driven
culture within the school
• Recommendation 5:
– Develop and maintain a districtwide data
Establish a Clear Vision for Schoolwide Data Use
Do you have a schoolwide vision for data use?
Earning Trust
Provide Supports that Foster a Data-Driven Culture
What supports do you need?
Visualizing Data in the
Progress Pad
District Supports
for Data Use
What changes do we need to make to
use our data more effectively and
more consistently?
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