Moving a School from Good to Outstanding

Moving a School from Good to
Nicola Woolf
South EPHA meeting
26 February 2014
Being Prepared for OFSTED
•Pen Portraits
•Knowing your data for school, year groups, classes, groups:
(Raise on Line, Fischer Family Trust, in school progress data)
•List of interventions for groups
•Photos ready on a laptop to show your SMSC
•Top tips for teachers
•Appraisal Information
•Monitoring of teaching, planning, books records
•Summary SEF ready
•Staff knowing what the inspectors will be looking for when
grading Quality of teaching
•Staff knowing key parts of the framework
•Staff meetings to prepare staff
Staff meetings to ensure staff would be
ready following the call
Check lessons being taught have clear Learning Objectives and
Success Criteria which is referred to and talked about with the
Marking undertaken so far – Is it moving learning forward? – Are
children being given the time between 8.45 and 9.00 to look at it
and make amendments to their work
Are Presentation guidelines being followed so far?
How are Support staff being planned for and used in lessons –
particularly in the Direct Teaching
When are plans discussed with TAs – Are they clear about their
role in the lesson?
How is ICT being used to support learning?
When OFSTED come in to lessons need to show in the lesson the
types of things you know they will want to see – e.g. evidence of
progress, Assessment for Learning strategies etc
From Inspection Handbook:
Observing teaching and learning
When observing and judging teaching, inspectors must be guided by the response and engagement of
pupils and evidence of how well they are learning.
Inspectors must consider whether:
teaching engages and includes all pupils, with work that is challenging enough and that meets
their individual needs, including for the most able pupils
pupils’ responses demonstrate sufficient gains in their knowledge, skills and understanding,
including of literacy and mathematics
teachers monitor pupils’ progress in lessons and use the information well to adapt their teaching
teachers use questioning and discussion to assess the effectiveness of their teaching and promote
pupils’ learning
assessment is frequent and accurate and used to set relevant work from the Early Years
Foundation Stage onwards
pupils understand well how to improve their work
all pupils are taught well so that they are properly prepared for the next stage in their learning,
including in the Early Years Foundation Stage where the development of their communication,
language and literacy skills must equip them well for Key Stage 1.
What will happen about PPA?
Your Guide to a
OFSTED version
(had to keep updating this!)
Keep appraisal
information up to date
Monitoring of teaching
Data Summaries ready
– Attainment and
All pupils
Boys (*)
Girls (*)
SA (*)
SA+ (*)
Statement (*)
Non SEN (*)
EAL (*)
Non EAL (*)
FSM (*)
Non FSM (*)
Pupil Premium (*)
Non Pupil Premium (*)
More able (*)
Attainment by each cohort in APS
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
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