Jamaican Jump Series

Jamaican Jump Series
Lucky Huber
The Jamacian Jump series is a combination of
low impact plyometrics, lunges, and hip
flexor strength.
• Lunges develop
– Hip extentors (glutes &
– Knee extendors
• Plyometrics (multi-jumps)
– Low impact
– Explosive movements
• Hip flexor
– Hip adductor (inner
– Hip abductor (outer
• Posture--Must be
emphasized in every
drill/lift that you do.
• Powerline—full
extension of the hips
How hard is this?
• You control the volume- length
• You control the intensity- complexity &
number of hops
Make sure the knee never goes past the foot
Don’t advance beyond skill level!
High Knees Running
Diagonal Lunge
360 from lunge
Points of Emphasis
• Posture & Core Strength
• Keep Knee up- don’t let it drop
• Arms straight up- fully extend arms and
• Land on ball of foot
• Soft surface (grass, turf, matt, etc…)
• Don’t shuffle or kick out