Initial Flash Impressions

Lemuel Wilson
IT 201
Maura Deek
September 10, 2012
Initial Impressions of Flash
Adobe Flash seems to lack quite a few of the editing tools that are programs such as
Illustrator or Photoshop. Tools such as the magnetic lasso tool would probably serve to be useful
in flash as well for easier selection of objects within the screen. I'm quite familiar with the setup
of the Adobe Suite as I've taken graphic design courses at UArts in high school. Tools that I
prefer to use just weren't available, but there are other tools in it that can provide the same
function they just take more time to get used to. The UI of the applications is as to be expected
from an Adobe product, I've personally always found their user interfaces rather clunky and not
as pretty as they would be on their Mac OS X counterpart.
Overall Flash Professional for Windows is what I expected out of the product. There is a
decent learning curve for beginners, but it's simple enough to get the hang of it with some time.
The user interface isn't as good as the Mac OS version, but that's because of the nature of each
operating system. Flash is a very good program and fairly simple.