Defining Format advantages:


NAF Instructional Strategy:

Defining Format

The goal of literacy instruction is the attainment of fluency Speaking Reading FLUENCY Writing

• Writing genres in NAF courses include texts students will encounter in college and career Essays (personal, explanatory, persuasive) • Research reports • Business letters, memos, emails, and proposals • Resumes and cover letters • Directions • Skits • Editorials, reviews, blogs • Ads, brochures, press releases

The defining format captures a word’s characteristics

Category Characteristics Question What is dessert?

Dessert is a course of a meal That

Defining Format advantages:

 Works best with words that have a range of attributes: the ocean, eyes. Examples of words that are either too vague or too one-dimensional to use this way: the year 2010, crayons.  The process of thinking about a term in this way causes students to make new connections; to think of the term as related to a range of topics rather than in isolation, which in turn helps with retention and with using the word in future writing assignments  Requires specificity and clarity of language, while encouraging class discussion  Requires actively thinking about a term, rather than passively writing the definition down  Great way for teacher to check for level of understanding