Soldiers of the High Middle Ages

Soldiers of the High Middle
Foot soldiers from 11th century Life of St. Aubin of Angers
(note that the peasant levy is commanded by a knight in armor)
Evolution of Armor, c.1066-c.1250 clockwise from upper left corner: late
11th c, mid 12th c, mid 13th
Evolution of Armor:
tomb effigies of English knights
Sir Robert de Trumpington,
Sir William fitzRalf
(d. 1323)
Sir Humphrey Littlebury
Knights and mounted sergeants in battle from the Morgan
Picture Bible, French c.1250
Knights fighting, from William of Tyre’s History of the
(Yates Thompson, British Library, c.1250)
square banners represent contingents of knights banneret
Foot sergeants, crossbowmen, slinger during a
siege, from the Morgan Picture Bible, c.1250
Longbow practice, from the Luttrell Psalter, 14th century
Holkham Picture Bible, early 14th century
Heavily armored knights on horseback above and
Lightly armored foot soldiers below
Flemish foot soldiers at the battle of Courtrai, 1302
(The Courtrai Chest, early 14th century)
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