Director of shooting - DoS

Director of shooting – DoS
by Henk Wagemakers, IJ
Exceptionally luxury DoS stand
Director of shooting - DoS
The DoS has a great impact on the success or
the failure of a competition once the
competition has started.
• The DoS must work in close co-operation with
the Chairperson of the judge commission, the
judges, the field crew, the OC, the Technical
Delegate, the Event Director, the Sport
Presentation Team, TV-Director, Media, Result
Team and the archers.
• For World Championships DoS is appointed by
WA Judge Committee, but for other events often
by the Organizers.
• DoS should be an IJ, CJ or an experienced
national judge.
• He/She should be assisted by a competent
deputy DoS.
• He/She should be prepared for long working
• The work of a DoS depends on the size and the
importance of the tournament.
• The DoS shall have a perfect knowledge of the
rules, like the judges, but must also understand
how the field crew and the OC is working.
• The DoS has to handle a lot of stress
• The DoS must be very flexible, but also firm in
his decisions
His/her major duties are:
• Control of the shooting and safety on the
competition field.
• DoS should have the ability to speak through a
microphone and make announcements in proper
• DoS may be in smaller tournaments also an
• The DoS is the person that makes the archers
shoot without any problems and worries.
• Solve problems and situations.
• However when there is a situation that has to be
solved by someone else, the DoS will refer the
person to the right official and does not try to
solve the problem himself.
Problems a DoS may encounter
• Partial obstructed view to all of the targets
or all of the athletes on the shooting line.
• Poor communication facilities with the
• Communication problems with the field
• Re the operation of the timing control
Problems a DoS may encounter
• Too many people in the DoS stand.
• Too many bosses
• No deputy or assistant available.
• Lack of information about the schedule of
the competition.
• Etc, etc.
• The DoS has to be a skilful individual, able
to act in multitasking and is responsible for
the perfect running of the tournament.
• The DoS has to deal with a lot of different
people and a lot of questions.
• The DoS assures the smooth flow of the