River Monitor System - Clark County Washington ARES/RACES

Packet River Monitor
Clark County Washington
When All is Calm…
Who needs Water Monitors?
But when it gets wild & wet…
The Public needs to know!
That’s why we have:
River Monitors
The System:
Designed by John Fletcher – KB7FND
Dual port pressure sensor
Kantronics KPC3+ TNC
MFJ Data Radio
Custom Interface Board
12v Battery pack
Vertical Antenna
Custom Computer Software
River Monitor Station
Water Monitor QTH
Washougal River
Fifth Plain Creek - Sifton
Lewis River – Woodland
Temperature only stations in Clark County
(Woodland, Washougal, Orchards, Red
With New Software – Internet Display and
Washougal River
Fifth Plain Creek
Lewis River
Monitor Stations
Fire stations
Police Stations
Hams near water ways
Anyone with Internet Access
Custom DOS Packet Software
Developed by John – KB7FND
Charts of water and temperature
24 hour history of water/temperatures
Alarms for battery and water levels
Packet Terminal session
Works on any PC
Runs under Windows or DOS
New Windows Software
True Windows Application
Simultaneous water levels and packet session
Multi-stream sessions
Quick Message function
List of favorite stations
Log Search
Multi-level alarms
No need for separate packet PC
Main Window
Chart Window
Web Site
Existing Hardware
Existing sensors fail
Batteries must be changed every 2 weeks
Have had some vandalism
Provides reliable service
Packets Digipeated around area
New Hardware
Commercial Unit
Uses Ultrasonic Sensors – non-clogging
1-2 Watt Transmitter
Up to 2 year battery life
Reports more often as flood stage nears
APRS packet format
APRS map ready
The Future
Additional XPONDR units?
DOS software mods to support XPONDR
Gateway to APRS Frequency 144.930
Clark County River Monitor System