the doorbell rang powerpoint

Cookie Count
The lesson Cookie Count from Maths 300 was based on the book “The Doorbell
Rang” so to begin the unit we read the book and acted out the story.
I then put the children into groups
and handed out the task cards
“Cookies Count”. The children
were given an amount of counters
and they then followed the
directions on the task card. They
used whiteboards to document
their learning. Some of the
numbers had leftovers so that was
To complete the unit of
work we made our own
books. I used the
names of the children
in my grade and used
24 cookies instead of
12. The children loved
the activities.
Heads and Legs
I took photos of their
answers and documented
their learning. I asked
them how they went
about solving their
We then attempted the follow up
lesson called Heads and Legs.
We read the problem and the
children used counters and
match sticks as concrete material
to make their animals. They had
to decide how many roosters and
cows were in the paddock.
While I was documenting their learning the children were given other problems to
solve using the same format but with different numbers. After we had shared our
results the children were given a sheet where they could cut and paste the animals
into the paddock. They then wrote their answers to one of the problems. When they
had finished we used the computer software to extend the children’s knowledge and
they played the Pigs and Chickens Game.