UPlan for Weather Related Events

Carlos Braceras
STEICS Presentation
• Enterprise GIS platform
• Helps UDOT organize and leverage a wide variety of data & maps
• Built on ESRI arcgis.com cloud software offering
• persistent and scalable if local IT infrastructure becomes unavailable
• Has been in use at UDOT for 5 years
• Can tie into real time data from NOAA and USGS.
• Connect to content from Twitter, YouTube and flickr
• Leverage public or crowd sourced data
• UDOT Data
• At Risk Bridge Locations
• National Highway System
• Real Time Traffic Cameras
• Other Operations Data
• Geologic Data
• Earthquake Models
• Faults
• Avalanche Paths
• Demographic
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Firestations
• Shelters
• Data is organized and available
• Can run “on the fly” analysis
• Examples:
• Calculate Drive Time Areas
• Perform HotSpot Analysis
• Automatic Routing
• Used in the Utah Great Shakeout as a Common Operating Picture for
many state agencies
• Maps are:
• easily delivered to any mobile device
• can be edited from any mobile device
• shared to others anywhere via internet
• quickly embedded in existing websites as a public information
• Same platform used recently by CDOT during severe flooding