(CRISMART), Bengt Sundelius, Swedish National Defence

Center for Crisis Management
Research and Training
Swedish National Defence College
CRISMART Activities
• Research and Study: Build new and
multidisciplinary knowledge about various facets
of crisis management and engage in scientific and
popular debate over these findings.
• Education and Training: Undertake academic
education and practitioner training to build the
next generation of skilled professionals.
• Objective: Contribute to enhanced crisis
management capabilities across boundaries.
The Decision Making Perspective
• Key decision makers perceive:
---Core values at stake (threat/opportunity)
High levels of individual and organizational
Classic Crismart method for crisis
management research
1. Place the case in context
2. Establish a time frame
3. Develop a narrative account
4. Dissect the complex case into decision occasions
5. Undertake comparative thematic analyses across
the growing case bank
6. Infuse education and training programs with the
findings from case bank based research.
A Widening CM Research Agenda
Crisis prevention
Crisis preparedness
Crisis decision making
Crisis coordination and implementation
Crisis communication and media relations
Crisis accountability and legitimacy
Crisis learning
Crises and CM are trans-boundary in
many respects.
The wider research agenda has been applied
empirically to many sector domains.
Studies have been focused on local and national
levels as well as on the European Union and
on management practices at the international
The research and training efforts will now also
be focused on building and diffusing new
knowledge concerning Natural Disasters.
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