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Anne Gemmell
Employer Account Manager
National Apprenticeship Service
National Apprenticeship Service
This year the government will invest a
record £1.5 billion in Apprenticeships
This will be used
to support over
Apprentices in
What is an Apprenticeship?
 An Apprenticeship is a way for young
people and adult learners to earn while
they learn in a real job, gaining a real
qualification and a real future.
 Hiring apprentices helps businesses to
grow their own talent by developing a
motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.
 Apprentices can be any age 16 – 65
 New recruit or existing member of staff.
 Three levels: usually lasting from 1 to 4
 Over 280 types of Apprenticeships within
a variety of industry sectors ranging from
accountancy and engineering to
veterinary nursing and ICT.
National Apprenticeship Service
Apprenticeships Deliver
 Lower recruitment costs
 Own grown talent
 Greater loyalty
 Clear return on investment
 Greater productivity
 Increase employee
 Attractive to Customers
 Government investment in
your workforce
National Apprenticeship Service
If you’re a business that employs up to 1000 employees,
you may even get a £1500 grant to help cover the cost
of starting a new apprentice aged 16 to 24 years old.
There has never been a better time to
employ an apprentice.
Visit or call 08000 150 600.
National Apprenticeship Service
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