Helen Radcliffe

Apprenticeships and
Traineeships – what’s
Helen Radcliffe, Head of
Business Development
National Apprenticeship Service
Apprenticeships Overview
- A job with training – all apprentices should be employed from day 1
- Apprentices can be any age - 16 – 65
- New recruit or existing member of staff
- Three levels: intermediate, advanced and higher – usually lasting between 1 and
4 years
- Over 280 types of Apprenticeships within a variety of industry sectors ranging
from Accountancy and Engineering to Veterinary Nursing and Youth Work
- Apprenticeship Minimum Wage - £2.65 per hour
- Minimum length of 12 months for a 16 – 18 year old, at least 6 months for those
over 19.
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•Adviser Guide and Checklist - information and online resources that will help you
advise and guide a young person about Apprenticeships
•Apprenticeship leaflets and guides are available to download
•Watch the Apprenticeships “You Tube” channel for film case studies and “Sector in
the Spotlight” films
•Apprenticeship Vacancies - use the AV app
•How to write a winning Apprenticeship application - detailed guide to assist
applicants in putting forward a good quality application.
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16 – 18 activities
- Bootcamps:
• employer led
• Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP)
- Inspiring the Future - www.inspiringthefuture.org
- Additional Apprenticeship Vacancies support for candidates
- Hotspots
- Focussed employer engagement.
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Traineeships Overview
New programme for 16-24 year olds who aren’t yet ready for an Apprenticeship:
funded via Education Funding Agency or Skills Funding Agency
OfSTED grades 1 or 2 providers can deliver
progression to an Apprenticeship, full time job or full time study
3 key elements - English & Maths, work experience, work preparation
6 weeks - 6 months duration
unwaged (employer encouraged to pay for travel, equipment, ‘lunch’)
benefits can be retained
use of the Apprenticeship Vacancies system to advertise Traineeships.
– www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/197566
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