INSIGHT Presentation ScotxEd forum 26 March

Benchmarking for Excellence
Presentation to ScotXed Forum
26 March 2014
Colin Sutherland, Professional Advisor
Presentation overview
• Purpose of Insight (new
name for SPBT)
• Background
• Development timescales
• A new online tool designed to analyse, compare and
improve the performance of pupils in the senior phase
• Will be used by secondary schools, local authorities
and Education Scotland
• Aims to encourage:
o professional reflection
o a collaborative approach to looking at data and
working together as part of the improvement process
• Will replace STACs (Standard Tables and Charts) from
August 2014
A tool for Professional Reflection
• Aims to encourage
professional reflection
and collaborative
• Prompts reflective
A dynamic benchmarking Tool
• Easier and more intuitive to use than STACs
• Available to all teaching staff in secondary schools
• Goes ‘beyond SQA’: includes a wider range of
SCQF credit-rated awards and programmes
• Includes commentaries to aid interpretation and
prompt ‘a closer look’
• Schools to be compared to a ‘virtual’ comparator
• Development of learning partners
Designed to show rounded picture of
• National measures show four nationally
consistent measures for schools and LAs
• Local measures contain further information
about schools and LAs: curriculum; subjects;
courses; learning partners
• More measures will follow
Access to Insight
Web site
Discussions with MIS providers
Discussions with Glow ‘Plus’
Importance of census and other MIS
The national dashboard
Timeline and roadmap
Keep updated
Senior Phase