Around The World In 80 Days

Class 2 – Parent Information Sheet
Summer Term 2014
Hook – we will begin our theme this term by watching a cartoon version and reading a revised children’s edition of the story “Around The World In 80 Days”.
Children will dress up as the different characters from the story and re-enact different scenes from it.
Maths – This term children will continue to consolidate and practise many of the
mathematical skills they have learned over the last two terms. In particular Y3’s
will start to use more formal written methods to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit
numbers. Y2s will begin to learn to add and subtract 2 2-digit numbers and add 3
one digit numbers using concrete objects, pictures and mental methods. They will
learn to recognise the < and > signs and continue to work with money combining
amounts. We will be continuing our work on fractions and learning how to find
fractions of numbers and Y3’s will learn to add fractions with the same
Children will continue to be set homework, when
appropriate, on their Mymaths account and will be told when
this happens. Also a notice will be posted on our website Class 2 blog.
Science – Our Science this term will be based
around Forces/Magnets. Through investigation
children will learn how magnets repel and
attract each other and how different materials
are attracted to magnets. They will investigate
the strength of
different magnets and
springs. Later on in the term, when hopefully
the sun will be shine, they will investigate
shadows and try to explain why their shadow
changes during the day.
Music - Mrs
Bird will
continue to
teach the
Music on
Literacy – children will continue to be given opportunity to practise and
develop their joined handwriting style. We will be focusing on
comprehension skills to help improve children’s understanding of text.
Spelling lists will continue to be based around a spelling pattern or rule
which we practise in school. Lists will be sent home on a Monday each week
and tested on a Friday.
Our indoor role play area will be turned into a travel agents and our
outdoor playhouse will be an “Around The World In 80 Days ” role play
area, where children will have opportunity to dress up as characters from
the story and act out their favourite scenes.
Our creative writing this term will be based on an adventure in a hot air
balloon with lots of drama opportunities. We will study the story “Around
The World In 80 Days“ and look at how to structure an adventure story.
We will also read lots of stories from other countries/cultures. Children
will also try writing persuasively to advertise a holiday home in the
Mediterranean. Mrs Jackson and Mrs Drinkall will be sending the class
postcards from their holidays over the Easter break and children will
have opportunity to write their own postcards, letters and diaries about
imaginary visits to locations around the World.
PE - Athletics and Rounders Skills (both outside, weather permitting) will continue to
be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children can bring trainers to wear for PE on these
days, if they wish.
Geography – Much of our work this term will be based around our Geography
theme. We will learn how to use maps and atlases appropriately by using contents
and indexes. We will learn to: recognise the eight points of the compass, name
the continents and oceans of the World, name the main cities of England, Wales,
Scotland and Ireland and locate well known European Countries. We will also
study 4 different parts of the World: the Mediterranean, two European
countries and The Caribbean. We will learn to explain what different places are
like; learn about their human and physical features; find out what makes them
good holiday destinations; compare their weather and explain how the lives of
people who live there would be different from our own.
French Year 2’s will continue to enjoy an introduction to basic phrases
and vocabulary whilst Year 3 will build on their knowledge further.
RE -This term we will continue our focus on Founders and Leaders,
concentrating on the life of Jesus. We will consider why Christians
believe Jesus was a good leader, listen to and watch bible stories about
Jesus and compare his qualities to those of the Sikh Guru leaders.
Mrs Drinkall &
Mrs Kemp
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