May Revision Weekend - The Open University

M500 May Revision Weekend
The May revision weekend is a unique opportunity
for OU Maths students to prepare for their exams as
well as meet students on the same and other
Mathematics modules and qualifications
The 2015 event will be run at Yarnfield, Staffs from
the 15th to the 17th May. This year around 300
students attended.
The weekend provides 13-13.5 hours of tutorial
support for module revision and exam preparation
between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon
including, in 2015, the MST124 and 125 Level 1
For more details visit us at
Or on Facebook
M500 Open University Maths Revision Weekend
The M500 Society began in 1973 as a self-help group for
Open University Maths students, and now runs fun Maths
weekends throughout the country. Find out more at
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