Manually Set Countdown Timers

Countdown timers
• These files have been downloaded and embedded into PP as shockwave
flash objects (.swf files) from
• In PP2007 files can only be linked and not embedded, but if you save as
PP2000-2003 or save as PP2010 then the timers should work on any
computer if you save them to USB or email them to someone else.
• To use, just copy and paste the slide you want into your PP presentation
and then add title/text/pictures as necessary.
• The timers cannot be cropped but can be resized or moved around.
• Often you won’t see them in the PP until you are in slideshow view.
• If a security alert pops up when you start the slideshow, you must enable
Bomb timer
Bar timer
Explosives timer
Candle timer
Clock timer
Dynamite timer
Egg timer
Firework timer