Using the Values

Using the Olympic &
Paralympic Values
Megan Dawson-Farrell
Born with spina bifida, she also
suffers from hydrocephalus — the
abnormal accumulation of fluid in
the cavities of the brain.
The condition is treated by
inserting a shunt, which drains the
fluid. Occasionally, there can be
problems with the shunt and a visit
to hospital is required for an
operation. She’s had ‘five or six’
over the past 12 months.
Earlier in the year, Megan
contracted an infection that began
eating away at her brain after the
shunt snapped. It left a hole in the
side of her head
Megan will be competing in
Glasgow on the athletics track
Jennifer Khwela
Jennifer was born
premature , several weeks
too early
As a result her lungs were
underdeveloped and she
could not get enough
oxygen to her brain
This left her with asthma &
mild brain damage
When she was 18 she
measured 1.45 the height
of an average 10 year old
She fell in love with
gymnastics in 2000 when
as a nine year old she
watched the Sydney
Olympic Games on TV
2010 a Silver Medal
At the Delhi
Commonwealth Games in
2010 she won a silver
medal in the vault– the
first black gymnast to win
a medal at the Games
When she returned home
there were huge crowds
at Durban airport to greet
Her response to this …‘I’m
happy and proud that I
was able to make my
country proud’
A difficult start to life had
only made her even more
determined !
Joel Hodgson 26
Athletics 400m - Belize
He was abandoned as a child by
his mother when she left him &
his 2 sisters at an orphanage
Adopted by George & Shona
Hodgson a Scottish couple
In 2009 Joel went to London to
‘make his fortune’
Thieves broke into his flat &
smashed it up – had to sleep on
the steps of his local police
He lost contact with his parents
who did not know that he was
In 2010 sold ‘The Big Issue’
outside a legal firm
They were so impressed with him
they gave him a job in their office
Joel Hodgson
His new job transformed
his life
He was able to re connect
with his family in Scotland
On ‘the proudest day of my
life’ Joel carried the
Olympic torch in 2012
after being nominated by
his work mates
He is hoping to compete
for Belize in the
Commonwealth Games if
he can achieve the
qualifying time
Chantel Petitclerc
At the age of 13 Chantel lost the
use of her legs following an
Her PE teacher at school
convinced her to take up
swimming to build up her
strength & stamina
This was to be her first contact
with sport and 4 years later she
discovered wheelchair athletics
She never looked back !
She has since competed in 5
Paralympic Games winning 21
medals including 14 Gold !
At London 2012 she was a coach
with the Team GB Paralympic
In Glasgow 2014 she will be Head
of Mission for the Canadian team
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