The Extended Project


The Extended Project

A brief introduction…

A single piece of work on a topic of your own choosing

An ongoing ‘project’ requiring evidence of planning, preparation, research, analysis and independent work

About half the size of an A level (assessed at A2 standard)

Worth up to 70 UCAS points

What is it?

Choose a topic to study (this must not overlap with material already studied/assessed at A level)

Complete a log/ongoing ‘project diary’ to record what you do

Plan, research and carry out your project (this will take approximately 120 hours from July 2011-March 2012)

• Have weekly meetings with a ‘supervisor’ and one ‘skills’ lesson per week

Prepare and deliver a presentation on what you have done

What do I do?

• A ‘traditional’ 5000 word essay

A dramatic or musical performance

A piece or collection of artwork or


A CD, DVD, piece of software, multimedia presentation

What form does the

‘project’ take?

plus a

1000 word commentary

Anything! Here are some previous titles:

• What techniques do photographers use, and what is their impact or purpose?

An analysis of the ways in which music can convey meaning

The design of a piece of choreography based on slavery

How has English affected the German language?

How does animal cruelty vary between different cultures?

• How has forensic science developed in the last century and what has the impact been?

• How do legal contracts and practices affect sport in the modern world today?

Compared to Western culture, what makes Japanese culture so unique?

Are there specific techniques that make a good short story and if so, how do these differ from longer forms of narrative?

How do independent record labels survive in the shadow of global brands?

• A linguistic exploration into 17 th century religious sonnets

What could I do it on?

Develop new skills: planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, evaluation and presentation skills – these will be useful across all your A level subjects

Prepare you for the way you will learn at university

Show initiative and learn independently

Discover more about a topic that interests you; perhaps something to prepare you for university

Develop confidence in presentation skills

What’s the point?

At the moment, the EPQ is not being formally included in the offers universities make to students (this is because not all schools offer the EPQ at the moment)

However, universities are considering the EPQ when deciding whether or not to make offers

In addition, there is an increasing trend for universities to accept students who ‘miss’ their grades if they have a good EPQ result

Will it help me get into university?

Cambridge University : ‘As a means of raising standards and of encouraging students to follow their aspirations, there is little to match it. The EPQ can play a transformational role in the curriculum’.

Sheffield University

: ‘We do encourage students to complete an Extended Project, where possible, as we value the development of skills in independent study and research, which an Extended Project can offer’.

Newcastle University

: ‘We value the skills and research that the EPQ is designed to develop’.

Glasgow University

: ‘In highly selective areas the preference may be given to students entering from 2010 with A levels who also offer the EPQ’.

What do the universities say?

• Watch this space…

What do the students say?