Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Extended Project Qualification
Something extra…..
What it is ….
 Self-directed and independent
 A substantial piece of work –
NOT like a Year 9 project!
 Academic
 Enjoyable – if you choose the
right topic for you
 A great qualification for HE or
 Something that requires
persistence, planning, reading
and analysis
What it isn’t ….
 An easy alternative to an A
level I am not doing well in
 A quick and painless route
to some UCAS points
 An insurance in case I fail
 Something I can just turn up
to and be successful in
 Something I can try out and
“Cambridge is one of many universities which support extended projects
as good preparation for degree-level study...” Cambridge University
“If you offer an Extended Project, it will be taken into account. Your offer
may be varied as a result, in recognition of the level of study skills you
will have developed” Newcastle University
“The skills that students develop through the Extended Project are
excellent preparation for university-level study” Manchester University
Current student feedback
 “I found it enlightening to explore my chosen topic in depth”
“I enjoyed EPQ because it gave me the flexibility to work around my other
 “(I have learned) better analysis and interpretation of data”
 “speaking, presenting, writing skills (have been ) enhanced”
 “collecting information was interesting and I learnt new things”
Develop an academic
 What impact has the growth in
social networking sites had on
 How far have laws to help
“untouchables” in India improved
their life chances?
 Are serial killers born or made?
..or create an artefact:
A book of your own stories or poems
An exhibition of your art work
A website or blog
Design and make a theatre costume
Skills and qualities improved
Organisation and time management
Independent research
Project management
Critical thinking and reading
Writing a substantial report
Evaluation and reflection
Doing a presentation
Taking charge of what and how I learn
What do I need to submit?
A project outcome – could be a long research
report, an artefact, an electronic product
(blog, website, film) etc
A report 1000-5000 words long
A log book
A presentation
Is it graded and does it count?
 Yes, A* - E, with the same UCAS points as an
AS level
Universities may include it as part of a points
offer, or may lower the offer on condition you
complete a good project
It provides excellent Personal Statement and
interview material
Time scale
Start June/July 2013
Complete by March 2014
1. Complete application form – give it some thought
and detail
2. Discuss and get it signed off by Tutor
3. Submit application form – Julia Room 116
4. Start planning, reading and thinking!
5. Keep checking Moodle for date and time of next
session in June.
A bonus for UniGenius students who
enrol on EPQ
We have been offered 5 places on an EPQ
course at UCL later this summer.
This will be a great opportunity to work at UCL
and make a good start on your Project.
UniGenius students who are interested should
register with me NOW.