Post 16 Information Evening Presentation

Current Structure
Year 12
• 4 AS subjects (Further Maths 5) with PE and Sx
(some students will begin EPQ)
Year 13
• 3, 4 or 5 A2 subjects with PE and Sx
(completion of EPQ)
What will change?
A levels are changing from modular to linear
Decoupling of AS and A level
- separate, alternative qualifications which have
terminal assessments, for AS in Year 12. The As will
no longer contribute to the final A level grade
A level in Year 13
Two phases
Phase One September, 2015
English Language
Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Sociology and Psychology
Second Phase
Further Mathematics
In addition
• Information being received currently regarding
politics and other subjects, not yet mentioned in
Phase 1 or 2
• English Literature changed in 2014 to offer
Cambridge Pre U qualification (A level equivalent –
well received by Russell Group universities)
How will this affect us?
Different options available locally eg three A levels
and an EPQ
• Celebrates breadth in the curriculum
• Recognises the need for a transition phase
• Wary of change of government
4 Subjects for Sixth Form
• 5, if Further Maths chosen
• Offers opportunity to select one subject as an AS
• Students can still take 4 or 5 A levels
• EPQ still offered to all
(NB selection process)
Enrichment continues
• Physical Education each week
• Sx Lecture Series
• Volunteering
• Leadership etc
How will this work?
• Need for flexibility for students with a “mixed menu”
• AS and A level are co-teachable therefore Phase
one subject students can finalise their decisions as
to whether they wish to sit the subject at AS, or for
a final assessment at A level in February of Year 12