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Encyclopedias & Books
 In this module, we’re going to begin actually looking
at sources available through the DSU library.
 If you are located off campus, you will need to go
through the Off-Campus Access to use some of these
databases. After clicking on the database’s title, you
will be prompted for a user name and password. This
is the same as your dmail name and dmail password.
 After an information scan shows that the topic is a
valid choice for an academic project, background
information must be gathered.
 Background information comes in a variety of forms:
 Basic information (definitions, terminology)
 Historical information (past interpretations)
 Facts or statistics (numbers!)
 Two types of encyclopedias
 General: lots of different topics, online or in print
(Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book, Wikipedia,
 NOT used as a source for college-level work (although you
can use one for personal information or deep background)
 Subject-specific: a specific discipline (Encyclopedia of
Psychology, Encyclopedia of Business) or a specific topic
(Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education, Encyclopedia of
Alternative Medicine).
 Great sources for college-level work
 Best place to begin research
 Best place to find background information
 Good source of terminology of a subject area
 Available online and in print
 Go to the Library Home Page
 Books & More
 Encyclopedias
 Select a topic (or browse all topics)!
 Why use books?
 Books contain information not found elsewhere
 Books are versatile sources; they can include general
and background information as well as specifics
 Books are available in print and online through the
Library’s e-book collections
 Books are considered a “print” or “published” source
whether access in print or online
 Library Catalog
 Search all books in the DSU library (and e-books and
videos and audio and maps and posters and lots of
other stuff in the library)
 Search by keyword
 Looks anywhere in the record that describes that book
(author, title, summary, etc.)
 Search by browsing (alphabetical search)
 Searches a single part of the record (for example, author)
alphabetically (like the phone book)
 Click on “Catalog Record” for a closer look at the
item’s contents
 Subject headings
 Summary
 Note item’s Material and Call Number (and also look
at the location to make sure it doesn’t say “checked
 The Collection is the “neighborhood” of the book
 The Call Number is the exact “street” and “house”
 Search Results:
 Items which are most relevant to your keywords appear
 Click on the title for more information, including
collection, call number, and status
 Call number = item’s address in the library
 Two call number systems in DSU Library
 Library of Congress
 Begins with letters
 Most items in library
 Examples:
BF 449 .F35 2000
F 593 .L955 2004
PS 648 .T73 B48 2004
Q 173 .V23 2005
Dewey Decimal
Begins with numbers
Two collections:
Nonfiction 398.2 H221g
Fiction S6757g
Picture L8477f
372.7 M2286mc 2009 gr. 4
 The library has a number of collections, including
 Reference (encyclopedias, etc. that can’t be checked out)
 Reserve (books/articles/videos that are used in the classroom)
 Oversize (books too big to fit on regular shelves)
 DiscVideo (DVDs)
 Video (VHS format)
 Oversize Video (both DVD and VHS)
 Compact Disc (CDs)
 Special Collections (Oral Histories, old yearbooks, etc.)
 Collections move frequently in the library in a
continuing effort to effectively use the space
 Currently in the HCC building (but this may change!)
 All Library of Congress – 3rd floor (Compact shelving)
 Folio and Maps – main library floor (2nd floor of the building)
 All Video and Reference – main library floor (2nd floor of the building)
 Juvenile books – 3rd floor Southwest corner(Juvenile/Curriculum room)
 Curriculum – 3rd floor Southwest corner (Juvenile/Curriculum room)
 Current periodicals – Mezzanine floor
 Video?
 All video formats
 Add videorecording to a keyword (title, director, subject)
 Example: videorecording and hitchcock
 Hint: videorecording can be shortened to videor$ (more
about this technique later)
 Example: videor$ and hitchcock
 At the bottom of the search, change location
to DVD and hit Search again to get just DVDs.
 Audio (music, book on CD, etc.)?
 Add the terms “sound recording” to a keyword (author,
composer, performer, title, etc.)
 Example: mozart and symphony and “sound recording”
 If you are looking for a book on CD, add the term
 Example: grisham and audiobooks
 E-book?
 Add the terms “electronic resource” to a keyword
(author, title, subject, etc.)
 Examples: “electronic resource” and immigration
“electronic resource” and thomas jefferson
“electronic resource” and china and economy
 To check out any library materials, you must have
your Dixie State University ID card.
 ID cards are available at the Registrar’s Office if you
don’t already have yours.
 Check out limits for students
 10 items
3 weeks for any item
 Late fines are $.25/day / item (more for Reserve
 A separate collection within the library where
instructors place materials to be shared by all
students in a class
 Textbooks (if the instructor or department places them
on Reserve)
 Supplemental class materials (readings, videos, etc.)
 Shorter check out periods (depends on item)
 Most items must remain in library
 Must have DSU ID card
 Higher fines for late return ($.25 / hour)
 If searching the e-book collection from the e-book
collection list or a database page
 Click the title of the database.
 Enter the username and password (this is your dmail
user name and dmail password)
 If accessing an e-book from the catalog, a direct link
is available
 Click on the Electronic access link
 Enter the username and password (this is your dmail
user name and dmail password)
 Great e-book collections
 Not web sites – real, published books available in
electronic format
 Advantages:
 Available on or off campus, 24 / 7
 Most titles allow multiple simultaneous users
 Full-text searching (every page of every book!)
 Library home page > Books & More > E-Books
 All subjects:
 ebrary - Over 42,000 academic books
 EBSCOhost eBook Collection- 3,500 titles
 Why search e-book collections directly?
 Searches the full-text of every book!
 Specialized Collections
 Safari Tech Books Online (1,400 computer books)
 Music Online (includes Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians)
 Oxford Art Online (includes Grove Dictionary of Art)
 Oxford Music Online (includes New Grove Dictionary of Music)
 Cambridge Companions Online (literature, philosophy, and more)
 STAT!Ref (health science titles)
 AccessMedicine (McGrawHill / Harrison’s Online)
 Salem Health (entry level health encyclopedias)
 Salem History (includes history, political science, music, and business
 Subject Encyclopedias:
 Sage eReference Collection (encyclopedias and handbooks
in social sciences, business, communication, and more)
 Oxford Reference Online (encyclopedias and dictionaries in
humanities, languages, and more)
 Oxford Digital Reference Shelf
 Oxford English Dictionary
 Oxford Music Online
 Oxford Art Online
 Gale Virtual Reference Library (variety of encyclopedias)
 IF the DSU Library doesn’t have enough information
on your topic, you can request that we borrow books
from other libraries.
 In order to locate books on your topic, use WorldCat
 Library Home Page > Books and More > WorldCat
 WorldCat is a multi-library catalog that includes 1.4
billion items in over 10,000 libraries
 Find books just as you would in our library catalog
(search by title, author, subject, etc.)
 WorldCat has many searching options
 The default search shows titles that are held in the DSC
 It also indicates titles held in other Utah Academic
 Allows searching of individual Utah academic libraries
 Can limit by type of item (book, audio-video, etc.)
 Can limit by audience (juvenile, adult, etc.)
 Books that are unavailable in the DSU library may be
 Interlibrary Loan is a system that allows libraries to share
materials (books and articles, usually not audio-visual items)
 DSU uses an online system called ILLiad for requesting
materials from other libraries
 ILLiad is available to all current students, faculty, and staff
 Linked on Library Home Page
 Under Books & More
 Under Article Databases
 The first time you enter ILLiad, you must register
 You must enter your DSU ID number
 Select a username and password that is easy for you to
 Order books not available in our library
 You MUST check our library catalog before ordering!
 7 – 10 day delivery time
 3 weeks use allowed (once item arrives at DSC library)
 Late return fines $0.75/day
 Include all the information you have
 Include where you found the item (WorldCat, Amazon,
 Updates on your request (in process, etc.) are
available by logging on to ILLiad
 When the item arrives at DSU Library, you will
receive an email
 Reciprocal borrowing enables you to borrow books
from other libraries in the Utah Academic Library
Consortium (UALC), which includes UNLV
 When you visit the other library, you must have your
DSU ID card
 You are responsible for any late return fines
 You may return the book(s) to the DSU Library; we’ll
ship them to the lending library for you
 Important content
 Print
 At DSU Library and other libraries
 Electronic (online) = e-books
 Subject encyclopedias can save you time in searching
and writing
 Books provide content usually not found in other
 You’re now ready to take Quiz 2.
 It’s located in Module 2. Although the quiz is open
book, remember that the Final Exam is not, so you’ll
need to actually be learning the content not just filling
in the bubbles.
 Quiz 2 requires you to access and use the online
resources described in this module.
 If you have any questions or run into any problems,
please let us know.
 Remember, working ahead is an excellent way to
succeed. The Final Exam is available all semester!
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