Lecale DSU

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering
and Estate Management
Alternatives to Grid Connection:
Energy Storage:
David Surplus
Chairman, B9 Energy Group
Lecale DSU Build-up
11kV Network (3-phase)
Lecale DSU
Aggregated DSU for
11kV circuits
33kV sub-station (Community Sub-station)
Farm scale AD
NB: Ammonia can power...
• Tractors
• Fishing boats
• Ferries
• Standby gen-sets upsold as...
• Peak lopping gen-sets
ICAES (N I Energy Storage Demonstration Park)
250kW wind turbines
Solar PV
Anaerobic Digestion
2nd life traction battery
Ammonia production
300 houses + EVs as a captive
customer base
“Seagen” Tidal test site
• Aim to be self-sufficient in electricity
• Aim to have cheaper, greener and more secure power supplies
• More than 70 x rural 33kV sub-stations in NI
Compression is hot business
“Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage”
Stores heat as well as compressed air
First-Generation Product Shipping in Q1-2015
Breakthrough Price and Service Life
Power Unit
500 kW modules
70% round-trip efficiency
20+ year lifetime
Selling price ≈ $1000 per kW
Storage Unit
• 1 MWh modules
• Proprietary filament-wound
• Shipping container form factor
• ASME certified
• Selling price ≈ $200 per kWh
LightSail Energy Confidential
Small wind planning applications
Small wind planning applications
Microgrid revenue streams...
• Arbitrage –
Buy at £20 to £30 / MWhr
Sell at £80 to £250 / MWhr
“Load on Demand” services to avoid external curtailment
(30% of wind strike price?)
Direct sales on long term fixed price (+RPI) basis
Consideration for avoided cost of grid upgrade
Ancillary services:
Reactive power management
Voltage regulation
Possible provision of inertia
• Capacity market payments
Other microgrid benefits...
• Additional microgrid revenues allow voluntary
reduction of ROC revenues on single generator
projects – easing price rise pressure
• Security of supply to load customers is improved
• Autonomous operation possible - to ride through
central system blackouts if necessary
Wireless Connection
Home scale Microgrid
Industrial scale microgrid
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