140256 - PBL with Technology

PBL with Technology
Killian Middle School
Caitlin Rice, Shanon Montgomery, and
Ellie Lyon
Lewisville ISD
1:X Website
• Snacktools
• iMovie
• Thinglink
• Google Docs
• Technology Apps
Snack Tools is a program where you can create
ebooks, childrens books, and
For one project, our classes created their own
versions of an assigned fairy tale, and they
turned their new fairy tales into ebooks.
It is very easy to create…even beginners can
make a ebook. All you need is a script or
story to start.
SnackTools Project Idea
Snacktools was used for a cross-curricular project: ELA,
Math, CWC, and Science.
In ELA, the students were learning about the elements
of a fairy tale, so they wrote a new version of an
assigned fairy tale and turned it into an eBook.
In Math, the students made equations and word
problems dealing with the facts of their assigned fairy
In CWC, they researched a South American country and
used their research to help write their new version of
the fairy tale.
In Science, they role played as Mythbusters and solved
problems to see if it was possible to live like the
characters did in the fairy tales.
SnackTool Product Example
eBook #1:
iMovie Project Idea
One project our students used iMovie for was
to persuade readers to pick up books from the
Longhorn reading list. They used the same
techniques that movie producers use by
adding pictures, catchy headlines, eye
popping colors, and music. Finally, they put
everything together to create an iMovie.
iMovie Product Example
The Running Dream Premier:
Thinglink allows the students to create a
picture background with several buttons that
they can scroll over to reveal different types
of information, such as websites, text, and
videos. For example, students could use
Thinglink to demonstrate their understanding
and knowledge of a vocabulary word, concept,
book, etc.
Thinglink Examples
Example #1:
Thinglink- Fealty
Example #2:
Thinglink - Troglodyte
Example #3:
Thinglink- Saturn's Moon
Google Docs
Google Docs is a program that is like Microsoft Office, but
it is internet-based. You can create documents,
spreadsheets, drawings, files, and power points. There
is also an app on mobile devices called “Google Drive”
that lets you access your account mobily.
Another good thing about Google Docs is multiple people
can collaborate at the same time, which is great for
school group projects. Our students constantly use
Google Docs in classes to collaborate and work together
on projects in and out of school.
Apps for the Classroom
Type on PDF free (great for writing on PDFs)
Google Drive (an interactive note-taking app)
Haiku Deck (power point creating app)
Nearpod (presentation creating app)
Cute CUT (video creator app)
Story Kit (a book creating app)
Blogger (a safe blog that students can create)
Edmodo (a collaborative interactive classroom)
Airplay (connects a wireless computer to an iPad
Instashare (similiar to AirDrop)
CamScanner (create scans from your iPad)
Products and Images of Apps
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