Elbert Frank Cox powerpoint

By: Abby Schreader
 Born in Evansville, Indiana in 1895
 Father was a teacher
 Attended a segregated school
 Married to Beulah Kaufman
 Had 4 children
College Life
 In 1913, he attended
college at Indiana
 Majored in Math
 Graduated with
Bachelor’s Degree in 1917
 Left to serve in the Army
during World War I
Grad School
 Attended Cornell
University 1922
 His thesis was titled
Polynomial solutions of
difference equations
 KKK was very active in
this area
 First African American
to receive Ph.D. in
Mathematics in the
Teaching Career
Taught in
 public schools in Henderson, Kentucky
 Shaw University in North Carolina
 West Virginia State College
 Howard University
Retired in 1965